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Urban Bus Lines

Maps and details of public collective urban buses(urban bus)in Granada.

Urban Bus Lines

New Bus Network

This new arrangement transform and optimize the bus network, incorporating the different means of transport as urban and metropolitan, the mobility necessities of citizens, the energetic and enviromental efficiency and the accessibility.

High Capacity Line (LAC)

To make the connection between lines coming from north or south to the center an axis is made: the High Capacity Line, that will be the only one to go through the axis of Constitucion Ave., Gran Vía, Reyes Católicos and Acera del Darro, with a high frequency of pass.

Connection network with neighbourhoods

The radial lines connect all the neighbourhoods with the city center. In some points of the itinerary of the High Capacity Line connections or transfer to other lines could be made : Caleta, Cruz del Sur-Villarejo, San Isidro Square, Doctor Olóriz, Andaluces Ave. , Fuentenueva, Jardines del Triunfo, Cathedral, Humilladero and Palacio de Congresos- Violon.


For an easier understanding and location of lines, the name of lines that connect the center of the city with north begin with the letter N, those that connect the center with South begin with S, lines of the center or historic center begin with C, lines that connect universitary campus start beguin with an U, lines that connect South and North through Camino de Ronda begin with SN. Also, the number is being given, because these are radial lines, in clockwise sense.

List of Bus Lines

High Capacity Line

LAC: Paseo del Violón/Exhibition Center - Caleta/Cruz del Sur

Center lines

They give service to the central and historical point of the city, difficult to access and restricted to traffic.

  • C1: Albaicin - City Center
  • C2: Sacromonte - City Center
  • C3: Alhambra - Isabel la Catolica Square
  • C4: Cemetery - Barranco del Abogado - Isabel la Catolica Square
  • C5: Neptuno - Isabel la Catolica Square
  • C6: Rosaleda - Traumatology Hospital
  • C7: Cemetery - Puerta Real

North Lines (N)

Connect the north neighbourhoods with the city center, meeting the main axis of circulation.

  • N1: Bobadilla - Chana - Rector Marín Ocete
  • N3: Cerrillo de Maracena - Rector Marín Ocete
  • N4: Federico García Lorca - Bus Station - Caleta
  • N5: Modesto Cendoya - Joaquina Eguaras - Caleta
  • N6: Casería del Cerro - Pulianas Ave. - Caleta
  • N7: Parque Nueva Granada - Triunfo
  • N8: Fargue - Triunfo
  • N9: Mirador de San Miguel - Triunfo

South Lines (S)

Connect the neighbourhood of the south of the city with the center, meeting the main axis of circulation.

  • S0: Pol. Bola de Oro - Cruz de Lagos
  • S1: Serrallo - Palacio de Congresos
  • S2: Villa Argaz - Palacio de Congresos
  • S3: Palacio de Deportes - Palacio de Congresos

Direct lines South-North (SN)

There are five lines that connect directly the neighbourhood on the extremes, without going through the axis of the Historic City Center, because circulate through Camino de Ronda and Severo Ochoa - Madrid Ave.

  • SN1: Cenes de la Vega - Bus Station
  • SN2: Palacio de Deportes - Bus Station
  • SN3: Los Rebites - Chana
  • SN4: Zaidín - Chana
  • SN5: Cadiz Ave. - Parque Nueva Granada

Universitary Lines

These lines make a double function: connect the different Universitary Campus, giving service to the student population, and make long distance itineraries, providing the transfer of any passenger to intermediate zones and the extremes of the city.

  • U1: Aynadamar Campus - Cartuja Campus
  • U2: Fuentenueva Campus - Cartuja Campus
  • U3: PTS - Cartuja Campus - Carretera de Alfacar
  • Universitary lines U1 and U2 have no service on non-school days (They don't work on Saturday, Sunday and holiday)

Night Lines

Two Night lines will operate, to provide night displacements on weekends.

  • 111: Travel in South - North sense
  • 121: Travel in North - South sense

  • Bus Lines Map

    The following map in developed by Transportes Rober and has all the bus lines in a printable format. Click on the map to get a larger image high resolution to download and print.

    On the following map you can check each itinerary of each one of the lines on duty in the city of Granada.

    Map updated on september 2015.

    Down below you can download a PDF [3.82MB] with the lines of the new urban network of collective public transport in Granada.

    Plano en PDF de líneas de transporte público de Granada

    File updated on 30 december 2014.

    We have manteined each route of each line in one different layer to see exclusively the lines you need and make it easier and useful. Also, you can see the location and number of stop, names of the main streets, interchange zones, etcIf you want to check information about lines and stops of urban bus, you can do it by clickin on the following link to this KML file and see it on Google Earth:

    Stops map

    Transportes Rober

    Information concerning to the public transport lines might be outdated, more info on the web Transportes Rober.

    On Transportes Rober website there are available several services very useful for the user of public transport as:

    • Bus lines on-line: Online location of the buses in relation with each stop of the line, transfer to other lines and the information shown in the pannels of each stop of the line.
    • Bus stops on-line: potential transfers, next buses to arrive and time stimated, lines that go through this bus stop an schedule.
    • Pannels on-line:Give information about buses that are in that moment in the bus stop and time remaining for the arrive of the res of the lines.
    • Incidences
    • Schedules: Theorical schedules valid only for the consulted day, associated to one of the heads of the line and shown gathered by hour.

    Transporte Urbano de Granada

    To make inspection labours, control and management of urban public transport in Granada, the CGIM has access to the SAE of Transportes Rober.

    Todas las líneas de autobuses moviéndose en Granada

    Check the fares of the different tickets and card-passes on the following link:

    Adquisiciones 2010 Adquisiciones 2009

    Information retrieval

    The concessionary company of public transport (Transportes Rober) has a Custormer Service number: 900 710 900 .

    Panel electrónico de información situado en C/Recogidas

    Information on bus stops

    On the bus stops have been settled up information pannels to show the minutes remaining for the next bus of each one of the lines. Also shows additional messages as diversions due to demonstrations or another events.

    At present time we have 23 pannels located on bus shelters and 27 pannels on posts in the bus stops, incluiding an informative pannel in the main entrance hall of the Administrative Complex of Los Mondragones that gives information about the arriving time to the closest bus stops (Doctor Azpitarte, Caleta).

    You can check the info of bus fleet on movement to check the time remaining for the next bus in the bus stop needed.


    How does it works?

    All the bus stops of the urban transport in Granada are identified with a number.

    Arrival of next bus

    215800 con el texto GRA (espacio) seguido del número de parada. Ejemplo: GRA 125

    What message do i have to send to know when is the next bus coming?

    Look up the number of stop and send the message:

    You will recieve a message identifying the bus stop and with the lines to pass and time remaining for their arrival.

    Schedule of my line

    What message do i have to send to know the time of pass of my bus line in one bus stop?

    With the number of bus stop and the line that you require, send the message:

    215800 con el texto GRA (espacio) Número de parada (espacio) Línea. Ejemplo: GRA 125 8

    You will recieve a SMS with the information of the schedule of the nest 6 buses of the line in the required bus line.

    How much does it cost?

    The cost of the message is 0,15€ + IVA, corresponding exclusively to the telephone operator only.

    What benefits does it offer?

    You will recieve the information of the lines of your interes. Also, knowing the number of your usual stops, you can ask for information from any place(home, work...)for better time management.

    Note: If you doesn´t recieve the information required and have sended the message correctly, don´t erase it, we will give your money back at Joaquin Costa Street, 4 Bajo from 08:00 to 15:00 from Monday to Friday.

    When traffic cuts causing important diversions in lines occur,this message service could no be reliable.

    tu nuevo número 215800. Solo tienes que enviar GRA espacio Nº de parada tu nuevo número 215800. Solo tienes que enviar GRA espacio Nº de parada

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