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III Night Race in the Alhambra

On 23 June from 21:00 hours takes place the III Night Race in the Alhambra.

Itinerary: Bola de Oro sports center, Borreguiles Street, paseo Fuente de la Bicha, crossroad with Acequia Gorda, carretera de la Sierra, Genil Street, Emasagra treatement plant, Fábrica de oro y sus minas, Sanctuary of Nuestra Señora de Fátima (Lancha del Genil), Canal de los Franceses sidewalk, Alhambra, cemetery of San José (gettting in the cemetery), Emasagra treatement plant, Llano de la Perdiz, San José Cemetery, Genil Street, crossroad with Acequia Gorda, paseo Fuente de la Bicha, Borreguiles Street, Bola de Oro sports center.

Urban bus lines C3, C4, C7, S0 and SN1 may have changes in their itineraries and schedules due to this race.

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