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Cortes de tráfico en Gran Vía

There will be several partial traffic cuts in Gran Vía following this plan:

- From 15:00 hours of Friday 15 January to 24:00 hours of Sunday 17 January, takes place partial traffic cut of two lanes on the right of Gran Vía, at the high of Almireceros Street.

- Partial traffic cut in the central lane from Almireceros to Zacatín Street, in two points of that section. From 18 to 22 January.

- Threee lanes of the pedestrian crossing in front of Zacatín Street. There will be alternative pass regulated by workers. This traffic cut will be from 15:00 hours of 22 January to 24:00 hours of Sunday 24 January.

- Milling, surfacing and painting: It will be done in the three lanes of Gran Vía from 28 to 31 January, but it will not be total traffic cut. Traffic wil be regulated by workers.


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