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Certificate and final listing of tenderers of parking places in Rey Chico

It has been published the Certificate and final listing of tenderers of parking places in Rey Chico.

Check the Edict at and the Document on PDF.

Certificate and final listing of tenderers of parking places in Rey Chico.

File: 19.340/20 - Announcement to grant a parking place in the area of Rey Chico in 2021-2

On January 15 2021, the Deputy Major Delegate of Citizen´s Protection, Mobility, Strategic Projects and Metropolitan Office, was issued a decree with the provisional listing of tenderers of a parking place in Rey Chico.

This listing was exhibited for the knowledge of applicants and to submit reclamations on January 15 2021 on the Edict Board of the Municipal District Board in Albaicín ending on January 29 2021.

In this claim period there have not been submitted any documents to change the proposal in the provisional listing, so this listing become the final listing of tenderers, as follow:

1.- Final listing of tenderers:

Jose Luis de Alarcón Jiménez
Irene Pascual Hijano
Eva Luz Fernández Barrosa
Azucena Fernández Manzano
John Lin O'keeffe
Michael Form
Reynaldo Fernández Manzano
Francisco Luque Ruiz
Ricardo Bellido Ceballos
Bruno Enzo Campise
Juan Antonio Aznar Santiago
Juan Torres Villalba
Francisco Herrera Martos
Mª Angeles Vargas Román
Javier Martín Salcedo
Miguel Ángel Bernardo Ruano
Carmen González Cerrillo
Eduardo Martín Reyes
Ignacio Orozco Espada
Mohamad Anas Kallas
Angeles Mª Marín López
César Rodríguez Campos
Mª Paz Márquez de la Rosa
Amparo Serrano Martínez
Teótima Amo Sáez
Victor Manuel López Jiménez
Jose Antonio Rodríguez Martín
Alejandro Gallego Barrera
Mª de la Paz Benítez Hernández
Manuel Javier Chica Pulido
Jose Miguel Fuentes Martín
Marcos García Mariscal
Alba García Garrido
Yolanda Piñar Ortega
Pedro José Luque Fernández
Antonio José Gómez Ramírez
Encarnación Luna Ruiz
Naemi Ueta
Isidro Ruiz Higueras
Joaquín López Cruces

2º- There have been incorporated to this listing of tenderers of a parking place in parking of Rey Chico Mrs. Eduvigis Salinas Pinilla and Mr. An Lin, because they have submitted their application timely in this announcement and fulfill all requirements stablished by the parking programme regulated in this announcement.

3º- After this, there have been studied all claims submitted, on 25 January 2021, by Mr. Manuel Ángel Balderas Ruiz and Mrs. Mª Angustias Pulido Villegas, stating that they have rectified their applications. Checked and confirmed that they fulfill all requirements of the Parking Programme regulated in this announcement, it is proposed to assign those parking places on their behalf.

4º- There also have been studied the reclamation submitted, on 29 January 2021, by Mr. Manuel Quesada López, stating that his application for the parking place in Rey Chico was submitted by the rental firm (Alhambra Suite Quesagi SL), and that at present, he is the tenant of two apartments in street Candil number 6. According to stablished in the Parking Programme in the area of Rey Chico, the user of this parking place must be registered in the area of Albaicín, and the person concerned does not fulfill this requirement, so it is proposed not to assign a parking palce on his behalf.

5º- After that there have been studied the application submitted by Mr. Francisco Javier Pérez Pérez. The applicant has submitted his application out of convocatory, but, existing available parking places and fulfilling all requirements stablished in the parking programme regulated in this announcement, that exposes that in case of available parking places, they can be assigned to new applicants in waiting listings, it is proposed to assign a parking place on his behalf.

6º- Solicitantes excluidos, por no reunir los requisitos establecidos en el programa de aparcamiento en el Rey Chico:
· Alhambra Suite Quesagi SL
· José Manuel Egea Martínez
· Mª Carmen Martín Luna


1º.- Propose the assignation of a parking place in Rey Chico to those applicants mentioned in paragraphs 1, 2, 3 and 5, so they can have their place upon payment of the corresponding fees.

2º.- Payment card will be issued in the Civic Center of Albaicín from 8 to 22 February 2021. Once this fees have been paid, there will recieve written notification to show in on authorized vehicle.

3º.- Comunicate Local Police final listing of tenderers in the appropiate manners.


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