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Traffic cuts and parking reservation in Azhuma St.

Check traffic cut plan in Azhuma St., between February 16 and July 14 2023

From February 15 to July 14 2023 parking zone in Azhuma St. will be reserved, 10 meters.

Vigency of traffic cuts in Azhuma St.(between Pintor Zuloaga and Mulhacen St.) to make loading and unloading of materials according to this plan:

* Demolition phase: Traffic cut from 8:00 to 18:00 hours on 16/02/23 to demolite facade and make necessary space to continue works from the plot and intermittent traffic cuts for the following 6 working days, 15 minutes each, between 08:00 and 18:00 hours, just for the unloading works.

* Retaining walls phase using bataches: From 27/02/23 to 17/03/23, intermittent traffic cuts in off-peak hours three non consecutive working days to excavate and six non consecutive working days for parcial concreting works (slab and walls) for an hour.

* Excavation and concrete wiping: From 20/03/23 to 24/03/23, punctual cut in off-peak hours two working days to unload ground in the final phase of the excavation (when vehicles can stand in the plot) and cut for a working day 3 hours long to expand the concrete wiping.

* Foundation slab and retaining walls: From 27-03-23 to 14-04-23, punctual traffic cuts in off-peak hours two working days to supply material for an hour, one working day to concrete 1 hour duration, a working day for the foundation slab 5 hours duration, a working day to supply formworks for walls 1 hour duration, and a working day 4 hours duration to concrete walls.

* Foundation and pillars phase: between 17-04-23 and 09-06-23, punctual traffic cut in off-peak hours to download materials, 6 times 3 hours duration to concrete slabs and 5 times one hour duration to concrete pillars.

* Stairs making phase: From 12-06-23 to 23-06-23, punctual off-peak traffic cuts one hour duration to download material and each 5 stair sections.

* Dismantling phase: From 26-06-23 to 14-07-23, punctual traffic in off-peak hours 2 hours duration to load and remove formworks.

Those vehicles that because of big dimensions can not acceed through Azhuma St., to arrive to Mulhacen St. could circulate in opposite direction, being regulated by operators to guarantee road safety.

These traffic cuts must be done in off-peak hours, so access and exit of vehicles don´t match with peak hours, leaving free access to vehicles getting in or out garages.


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