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Renovation of several streets in Boquerón district - 2nd phase

Traffic cut in Los Santos and Navarrete streets from March 13 2023 for two months.

Within works promoted by City Council to RENOVATE SEVERAL STREETS IN BOQUERON DISTRICT- 2ND PHASE (ARANDAS ST., LOS SANTOS, PLACETA DEL AZÚCAR, NAVARRETE, AZACAYAS AND TINAJILLA), about to finish works in Arandas and Azacayas streets, it has been authorized traffic cut in streets Los Santos and Navarrete, from March 12 2023.

Due date of this authorization for traffic cut in Santos, Navarrete and Placeta del Azúcar and for partial traffic cut in Tinajilla Street in the second phase of renovation works in Boquerón District will be two months from 13/03/23.

Traffic would be shut no longer than absolutely necessary in Santos St., Navarrete St. adn Placeta del Azúcar, keeping one lane open in Tinajilla St. During works, must give way to garages in the area, signalling and beacons and regulated by operators to keep Road Safety.

FILE. Nº 8.364/23


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