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40 Subida al Veleta Race

The 40 Subida al Veleta Race takes place on August 4 2024 at 7:00 hours.

Itinerary: Paseo del Salón (excluded area to traffic at the high of Templete de la Música) - roundabout Duque San Pedro de Galatino (turn left inside the roundabout) - Paseo de la Bomba - Paseo del Salón (turn to area excluded to traffic through pedestrian crossing in Fuente de las Granada) - Paseo del Salón - Paseo de la Bomba - Carretera de la Sierra - Lancha del Genil - EXIT OF MUNICIPAL AREA to Pico del Veleta.

There might be alterations on urban bus lines 9, 13 and 33 due to race.

File number 10.861/24


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