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VIII Cycle route Vegaeduca

On Friday 21 April takes place the VIII Cycle route Vegaeduca between 9:15 to 13:30 hours.

Itinerary will be like years before, starting at IES Miguel de Cervantes (Bola de Oro), south and east area of Granada. Gathering of participants in the gardens of Provincial Council to move to the Museum Memoria de Andalucía, where the Vegaeduca award ceremony will be done.

Stage 1 - 9:15 Start from IES Miguel de Cervantes. Itinerary will be the same as years before through south area and neigbourhood of Zaidin and will get through biclycle lane to the Provincial Council.

Stage 2 - 10:15 Start from Sierra Elvira school. At this moment incorporate educational centers from the center-Genil area. Then will be added educational centers of the area of Camino de Ronda arriving at IES Politécnico Hermenegildo Lanz. Will follow incorporating educational centers from the neigbourhood of Chana and from the roundabout of IES Severo Ochoa and trhough bicycle lane will get to the Provincial Council.

Stage 3 - 10:45 Gathering of all schools of north area at Provincial Council waiting for the "green and multicolor snake" from stages one and two.

Stage 4 - 11:35 Gathering of all those edcuational centers making shorter distance route, at Constitución boulevard in junction with Severo Ochoa, waiting for the "green and multicolor snake" coming from Provincial Council.


11:00 - Gathering at the new Provincial Council Headquarters.

11:10 - Reading of the declaration in defense of the Vega and beginning of the route.

11:35 - Arrival at the middle of the boulevard in Andalucía Ave. Here join those centers making shorter route.

12:30 - Arrival at the museum Memoria de Andalucía of all educational centers.

12:45 - Closure and VIII edition Vegaeduca awards ceremony.

12:45 - Reading of the declaration (one student per each educational center)

13:00 - Words of gratitude from the winners

13:15 a 13:30 - Back to their respective school centers.


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