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Campaign against Accidents involving Moped and Motorbikes

Raquel Ruz at the campaign with Mutua Motera and Vespacito

Presentation of an educational DVD about driving on motorbike. The City Council of Granada runs a plan to reduce the accident rate of Motorbikes and Mopeds.


On Wednesday 27 July the Council of Mobility and Citizen´s Protection Raquel Ruz and representatives of motorbike associations: Vespacito and Mutua Motera have presented an educational DVD abour driving on motorbike as a part of the activities of the Educational Center on local Road Safety whose aim is to address a problem in our city, according to the diagnosis given by the Urban Plan on Road Safety :motorbikes.


Granada is a city with one of the biggest two-wheeled vehicles rolling stock in the country: climatology, orography of the city and high number of young population contribute to this.

Two-wheeled vehicles represent almost 27% (26.91%), of the rolling stock.144.965(2015)

  • 16.574 are mopeds
  • 22.448 are motorbikes

However, accident rate of these vehicles is high: in 2015, 41% of accidents were on two-wheeled vehicles and 2 of the 7 dead people were riders.

41% two-wheeled vehicles

Because there are many benefits using two-wheeled vehicles in the city, the City Council wants to take a chance on SECURITY:

  • Noise reduction
  • Fastest urban displacements
  • Greater Maneuverability
  • Proper use of public space
  • Greater fluidity of traffic in the city
  • Less pollution
  • Popular and affordable mean of transport
  • Parking facilities
  • Ease displacements from bad communicated areas with public transport.

We have to take in consideration that the use of motorbikes in Granada has increased, as a vehicle to get to work, so it is very important to get the benefits these kind of vehicles have in our city, but remaining vigilant with regard to vulnerability and the risks involved.

Most common traffic violations made by motorbikes according to DGT are:

  • Speeding
  • Drive with an expired ITV certification, non favourable or negative.
  • Pass a car where it is not permitted

Data from the Mobility Area of Granada show as main traffic violations of motorbikes in the city:

  • Distractions
  • Not keeping safety distance
  • The use of helmet is so stablished in the city (98%), but not the use of the rest of the equipment: gloves, jacket and closed footwear.

With the creation of this educational DVD about driving on MOTORBIKES, pretends to educate in this kind of displacement with so many benefits but because its vulnerability requires an specific awareness and training on it.

This video, having on basis circulation in the city of Granada, address educational issues very well explained about :

  • Characteristics of the vehicle, documentation, maintenance.
  • Driver: documentation , equipment, importance of psychophysical state...
  • Circulation: manoeuvre, safety distance, dry and wet asphalt, dead angles, roundabouts, urban circulation with pedestrians and bicyles...
  • These are a few recommendations

presentation of motorbikes

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