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International Elderly Day

Raquel Ruz at the Road Safety Workshop for Elderly in Granada 2016

The City Council of Granada, Red Cross and the Official School of Psychology inform Elderly how to get old in an active, healthy and safety way.


Coinciding with the International Day of Elderly, was celebrated, with great public attendance, at Fuente de las Batallas, Road Safety Workshops for elderly, in the morning of the 6th October 20166.

It was organised by the Educational Center in Road Safety of the City Council of Granada, Red Cross Granada and Official School of Psycology.

Road Safety Stand for elderly granada 2016

It is a known fact that composition of world population has changed,the age pyramid has been inverted, being at this moment 700 millions people older than 60 years old , that would be around 2.000 millions in 2050, this means more than 20% worl population will be older than 60 years old.

In view of this situation, on the 1st October commemorates the International Elderly Day from 1990, at the request of the United Nations and with the slogan: Towards a society for all ages.

In particular, Granada has almost a 26% population older than 60 years.

PopulationTOTALolder than 60 years%
TOTAL MUNICIPALITY259.80667.52625,99%

Source: Register of inhabitants City Council of Granada (1 November 2015)

If we study ways of displacement in 60 years and over people, involved in traffic accidents, being pedestrians, there is a continous increase of elderly involved in urban accidents :

YearPedestriansPedestrian older than 60 years% over 60 years

Violations of pedestrians involved in accidents with victims:

Not respect a pedestrian sign62120
Not use pedestrian crossings164105
Burst in or cross the road against regulations119154341
Be or walk in the road against regulations00132
Get on - off the vehicle against regulations00100
Other violations06323

Because ous local policies support Active Ageing, autonomy and total integration and social participation of elderly, there are severa actuations at different levels and departments:Social Welfare, Mobility, Citizen Participation...

Road Safety Elderly Granada 2016

To favour this secure integration and active aging of our elderly in the city, there are several actuations focused to this aim:

  • We want to make a city for everybody: pedestrians, bycicles, etc. And favour coexistence for all, with more pedestrian places, reducing speed in vahicles...
  • We fight to have an adapted public transport, affordable and connected with all the city.
  • We teach educational activities through Road Safety Center with Red Cross and the School of Psychology, where recycle and inform elderly about risks circulating it the city where their role is so necessary: there are great baby sitters of their nieces, and they pay more attentions when with children than alone...there are no traffic accidents of elderly taking care of children in Granada.
  • We design informative material delivered through elderly centers and teach formative activities.
  • Last school year, the Major, gave Elderly Gratitude Certificates from Red Cross for their interest and participation improving Road Safety in Granada.

Road Safety Elderly Granada 2016

Road Safety Elderly Granada 2016


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