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Road Safety Campaign to improve driving in roundabouts

Raquel Ruz driving campaign in roundabouts 2016

The City Council of Granada encourages a Road Safety Campaign coinciding with Christmas to improve driving in roundabouts.


Due to Christmas season where displacements both in general and motorised increase, and according to the municipal Urban Plan in Road Safety, roundabouts are a special hot spot for accidents in Granada. The Area of Mobility and Citizen´s Protection, has made an Informative Campaign about safe driving in roundabouts, with special respect to those more vulnerable: two-wheeled vehicles both general and specially cyclists.

Roundabout Campaign Granada 2016

Because this modality of roundabout is a quite recent measure and with great benefits for traffic circulation, we have to inform and educate in its use as a reduced coexistence space, where respect and caution in manoeuvrability are basic to be useful and safe.

This is the aim of this Campaign, presented by the Council Raquel Ruz Peis on 19 December 2016.

This campaign consist in:

  • Street furniture on the entrance of roundabouts,
  • Radio slots explaining correct circulation on them and
  • Notice boards

Campaing roundabouts Granada 2016


In 2015 were 395 traffic accidents with victims in urban road crossings. In 2016 until September have been 246.

And in roundabouts, the number of accidents in 2015 were 108 and, in 2016, until September have been 57 accidents with victims.

The city of Granada has more than 100 roundabouts, of them, 64 have sidelights for a better road safety.

Roundabouts with more accident rate until September 2016 are:

Plaza Rotary with Paseo del Violón 6
Paseo del Emperador Carlos V with Torre de Comares 5
Luis Miranda Dávalos Avenue with Luis Amador Street 5
Camino de Ronda with Fernando de los Ríos Avenue 5
Andalucía Avenue with Cruz del Sur Street 4
Carretera de Málaga with Sur Avenue 4
Paseo del Emperador Carlos V with Andrés Segovia Street 3

There is particular emphasis on circulation of cyclists in roundabouts, considering one unit when cyclist circulate in group and have priority above the rest of vehicles.

Campaign roundabouts Granada 2016

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