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Granada joins European Project STARS with 3 educational centers

STARS Granada

Schoolchilds from three educational centers will encourage their schoolmates to go to school walking, on bicycle or using public transport.


On 6th February 2017 was celebrated a Joining Ceremony of 3 educational centers to this project. It was headed by the Delegate of Mobility Area Raquel Ruz Peis with the Delegate of Education Jemima Sánchez Iborra and the Provincial Traffic Chief José Vico.

The City Council of Granada through its Mobility Area sign its adhesion to Project STARS with the Department of Traffic (DGT) as pionner city with an European Project whose main objective is to encourage active displacements of schoolchilds: bikes, walking or public transport.

Stars Granada

Attendants to this ceremony were the principals of schools: Juan XXIII Chana, San Isidoro and Andrés Segovia, beside their corresponding teachers champion as main responsibles volunteers in the school centre and students representative in charge of energize and lead this project between their schoolmates always with the help of AMPAS that also joined this ceremony.

The City Council of Granada wants to implement a City Project joined by different Municipal, coordinated through the Educational Center in Road Safety that leads the project, and other organizations, companies and cyclist associations as well... and above all the educational community: parents and teachers and schoolchilds to whom will give all it support. .

STARS aims are:

  • Promote urban substainable mobility, healthy and safe (walk, bike, public or school transport), reducing motorised displacements.
  • Increase childish autonomy, its collectivization and major presence of childish and youth in public spaces: more habitable cities..
  • Stablish an european certification in Primary school: bronze - silver - gold that will be an incentive to increase levels of use of bicycle or walk.
  • Develop a Representative network to secondary students to increase their active displacements.
  • Share knowledges and experiences between cities.
  • Create a framework cooperation between administrations, companies, teachers, AMPAS...

The princials signed the Adeshion Sheet, who compromised their educational centers to be involved in this Project.

Finally, there have been given educational notebooks made to promote active mobility: Bicycle in Granada, reflective armbands as first gesture of cooperation with students leading this Project.

Stars Granada

Activities made are:

  • Meetings with the teaching stuff to explain the project and with those students attendant to it.
  • Supervision of the schools surroundings as every school year is done, assuring it is safe.
  • A survey form has been given to the each school stuff about usual ways of displacement.
  • Ciclyst conferences to students with theorical-practical courses teached by the Educational Center in Road Safety and the Association Granada al Pedal and in cooperation with the Ciclyst Unit of Local Police.
  • There has been given a bicycle parking to each school.
  • Theorical-practical courses, to educate in the behaviour of the ciclyst pedestrian and traveller:those behaviours that want to be encouraged.
  • Meetings with the representatives or leaders of the project to propose activities to perform: contests, campaigns, bicycle ride around school surroundings, meetings with other centers in bicycle...

The object of this course would be to increase at least 5% active displacements in each one of these schools.

Stars Granada

Stars Granada

Stars Granada

Stars Granada Stars Granada

Stars Granada

Stars Granada


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