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Holy Week 2017

Holy Week Granada 2017

From 9 to 16 April 2017 celebrates Holy Week. Check up affections to mobility in these days.


On Holy Week it is necessary to activate an special plan of mobility, traffic , public transport and safety to deal with the necessities of this season.

Police troops, medical stuff and personnel of different municipal areas shape Plan Parihuela, that activates in Granada during all Holy Week to prevent and solve incidents in these days, declared of National Touristic Interest.

Check website Real Federación de Hermandades y Cofradías de Semana Santa de la Ciudad de Granada y siga a @ParihuelaGranad to be fully informed.

Traffic restrictions

Traffic cuts in the Official Itinerary

About 17:00 hours all access and routes through Gran Vía de Colón, Reyes Católicos, Acera del Darro, Recogidas and the area of Plaza de Mariana Pineda and side streets, will be closed to traffic due to several holy parades, through the Official Itinerary, this is Plaza de Mariana Pineda, Ángel Ganivet (Tribuna Oficial), Puerta Real de España, Recogidas, Alhóndiga, Jáudenes, Marqués de Gerona, Plaza de las Pasiegas, Cathedral.

Special attention is given to traffic travelling inside the perimeter made up by: Cruz de Lagos, Palacio de Congresos, Poeta Manuel de Góngora and Puente Verde, to make appropiate diversions if traffic flow to the Center make it necessary.

On the following map we can see the area normally closed to traffic from 17:00 hours due to different holy parades, diversions on public transport through Camino de Ronda, taxi stops locations, and the Official Itinerary.

See Holy Week in a larger map

Candle wax in the streets

Due to holy parades , during all week will be candle wax in the streets, being very dangerous specially for two wheeled vehicles. Usually, traffic is restricted for motorbikes and mopeds in San Matías and Varela during Holy Week.

At the end of Holy Week, there will be traffic cuts in Ángel Ganivet, San Matías, etc. to clean candle wax in the streets.Usually this happens on the next Monday to Holy Week.

This week 2017, as newelty, there will be traffic cuts at Ángel Ganivet-Reyes Católicos, San Matías-Pavaneras and Gran Vía-Cárcel Baja, every day, once parades are over, to clean candle wax in those points to avoid accidents.

Public transport

Access to public transport will be facilitated, while itineraries of holy parades allow it. As a general rule traffic will be cut one hour before in the axis of Gran Vía - Reyes Católicos - Puerta Real de España.

Bus lines LAC, SN1, SN3 and SN4

As general rule, and when itineraries of parades allow it, urban buses will go through Severo Ochoa, Fuente Nueva, Plaza Albert Einstein, Martínez de la Rosa, Camino de Ronda towards South and Camino de Ronda, Méndez Núñez, Severo Ochoa when going towards North, for the normal development of Public Service.

To increase efectiveness of urban buses, it will be permitted to turn left in the junction of Recogidas St with Camino de Ronda with Local Police Officer presence, while this diversion is possible in Recogidas St. If it were not possible due traffic cut in Puerta Real, diversion will be through Camino de Ronda - Paseo del Violón.

Diversion center closed

Universitary bus lines

Bus line U2 stops providing service until Monday 17 April.

Bus lines U1 and U3 do not get to Campus de Cartuja.

Center bus lines

Bus lines C1, C2, C3 and C4, modify their itineraries and even stops giving service depending on the length the traffic cut.

  • Bus lines C1 and C2 have head stop at Triunfo, getting in and out the Albaicín and Sacromonte through Carretera de Murcia.
  • Bus lines C3 and C4 reduce their itineraries, they do not get to Gran Vía, turning round and going back from Plaza Isabel la Católica or, even, stops providing service if traffic cut affect all neigbourhood of Realejo

Bus line C5 stops giving service on afternoons, last departure will be from Neptuno at 17:00 hours.

Schedules modification

On working days on Holy Week departure time for lines C5, N3, N9, U1, U3, SN1, SN2 and SN3 will be modified.

Check up timetables of these bus lines at Transportes Rober.


Taxis service will have three head stops: Acera del Darro, next to El Corte Inglés, towards Carrera de la Virgen or Puente de Castañeda; Recogidas St, between Solarillo de Gracia and Puentezuelas, towards Camino de Ronda; and Gran Vía de Colón, next to the old building of Banco de España.

Parade Itineraries

These following itineraries may have changes. Check Real Federación de Hermandades y Cofradías de Semana Santa de la Ciudad de Granada.

Domingo de Ramos

Ver Domingo de Ramos en un mapa más grande

Lunes Santo

Ver Lunes Santo en un mapa más grande

Martes Santo

Ver Martes Santo en un mapa más grande

Miércoles Santo

Ver Miércoles Santo en un mapa más grande

Jueves Santo

Ver Jueves Santo en un mapa más grande

Viernes Santo

Ver Viernes Santo en un mapa más grande

Sábado Santo

Ver Sábado Santo en un mapa más grande

Domingo de Resurrección

Ver Domingo de Resurrección en un mapa más grande

Toda la información sobre la movilidad en la Semana Santa la puede encontrar en esta web en navegando hacia -> Tráfico -> Afecciones -> Semana Santa.


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