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Road Safety aimed to young people: Ford, drive your life

Ford, drive your life in Granada

Free courses for young people between 18 and 24 years on 12, 13 and 14 May 2017 in morning and afternoon sessions.


On Friday 12 May has celebrated the press conference to present these free courses. This press conference is headed by the Delegate of Mobility, Mrs. Raquel Ruz, Provincial Traffic Chief, Mr. José Vico, and the responsible of the these courses Ford, Drive your life in Spain, D. José Pérez.

On the week from 8 to 14 May, celebrates the IV Worldwide Week of Road Safety organised by the UN.

The City Council of Granada joins this celebration, true to our commitment undertaken to improve Road Safety in our city.

In this edition, the slogan is: Save lifes: reduce speed, the main point is to signify the importance of slow down speed in the number and severity of traffic accidents: reduce speed just a 5% means to reduce a 30% fatal accidents.

Presentation courses Ford, Drive your life. Granada. 2017

From the area of Mobility, we work so hard to reduce speed in the center of the city mainly, creating every day more 30 and 20 areas, to allow a better coexistence with the ways of active displacements encouraged, achieving a major enviromental quality and coexistence.

We have joined the Ford Project: Drive your life, aimed to one of the more vulnerable collective and focus of attention YOUNG PEOPLEN (whose first cause of death are traffic accidents, purpose of the I Worldwide Week organised by UN in 2007).

In these courses, will be tackled not only speed, but other risk factors that increase youth accidentality:

  • Dangers and speed management
  • Distracctions while driving
  • Rate of turn and driving
  • Preventive technics
  • Alcohol and drugs effects while driving.

It tackles the triple conditions involved in driving: knowledgements, attitudes and behaviours.

Presentation Ford Courses, Drive your life. Granada. 2017Presentation Ford Courses, Drive your life. Granada. 2017

There are many actions from Mobility and through our Educational Center in Road Safety aimed to young people:

  • Theorical- Practical courses of driving
  • Motorbikes Conferences teached by experts motorbike associations
  • Cyclists Conferences, to improve safety active displacements in our city
  • Round Tables to tackle main unfinished bussiness from Education and Information (Municipal Road Safety Center, Provincial Traffic Headquarters), Local Police, 112, 061 and also testimonies of affected people in traffic accidents (Aspaym).

On this weekend, days 12, 13 and 14 May, there will be teached 4 hours courses in morning and afternoon sessions , aimed to young people between 18 and 24 years. This activity will be eminently practical and appealing to them giving info about risks of driving

Presentación cursos Ford, Conduce tu vida. Granada. 2017Presentation Ford Courses, Drive your life. Granada. 2017

Our grattitude to José Pérez as the responsible of the Ford Programme drive your life in Spain, there are 15 countries where are courses could be teached, and to choose Granada to be one of them, and also to the Provincial Chief of Traffic José Vico working togheter with our common objective to make Granada a city where ROAD SAFETY in an unfinished bussiness no more.

Ford drive your life

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