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Festivity of Corpus Christi 2017

Festivity of Corpus in Granada 2017

From 10 to 17 June 2017,celebrates the Festivity of Corpus Christi in Granada. Check up all info of Mobility: buses to the fair area, parking places, accesses, etc


The Festivity of Corpus Christi is the greatest festivity of the city. Every year, begins on Saturday at midnight with the alumbrao, turning on of the thousand of lights of the Feria´s gate, and ends the next Saturday with a fireworks show.

During Feria period is necessary to activate an special mobility, traffic, public transport, and safety plan to meet the particular needs of this specific situation.

Route to get to the fair area(Ferial)

It is recommended to use public transport.

If you are using private vehicle take the motorway of Granada (A-44), both go and return routes.

Drivers are requested to pay attention at any moment to Police indications, that may change itineraries or restrict the access through some roads.

Casería del Cerro Street(from Ferial´s Gate) will be one way only from Juan Pablo II Ave. to Joaquina Eguaras. There can only circulate through this road public transport, disabled people vehicles(P.M.R.) and authorized vehicles; leaving right lanes exclusively for the use of collective urban public transport and access to garages of that street, and left lanes for taxis and authorized vehicles.

Public Transport

From 10 June to midnight of 18 June, activates bus lines F1 to F6 to get to the Ferial.

Bus lines map to ferial 2017

This special service to ferial has 6 lines:

  • Ferial 1 - CENES DE LA VEGA - Ferial through Gran Vía
  • Ferial 2 - ZAIDÍN - Ferial through Emperador Carlos V and Gran Vía
  • Ferial 3 - AVENIDA DE DÍLAR - Ferial through Camino de Ronda
  • Ferial 4 - CHANA - Ferial through Circunvalación and Neighbourhood of Periodistas
  • Ferial 5 - HAZA GRANDE - Ferial through North area
  • Ferial 6 - PALACIO DE CONGRESOS - Ferial through Gran Vía


Bus lines F1 to F5 have service in the night/dawn, from the first Saturday of the Feria to midnight of 18 June. Bus line F6 exclusively works in the afternoons, starting on Sunday 11 June to Saturday 17 June.

Bus lines F1 to F4 have frequency between 10 and 15 minutes, bus line F5 frequency of an hour, and bus line F6 of 30 minutes aproximately.

Schedules bus lines to Ferial 2017


Standard price to Ferial is 2 euros. All kind of bus passes are valid, except free passes and monthly passes, discounting 2 euros per trip.

Tickets to Ferial can be paid in cash or with a bus pass: Standard bus pass, Young pass, Disabled people pass or Universitary pass.

Bus stops

Bus stops in the route of lines F1 and F6 will be indicated with their logo.

Due to the official activation of the Ferial area, bus stop of special servide to ferial will be done, temporarily, in Gobernador Pedro Temboury Street, because the concentration of people in Casería del Cerro Street force Local Police to close that street to traffic between 23:00 and 01:00 hours, aproximately.

There will be enabled bus stops for special bus lines, head stops, in both senses of direction of Iznajar Street. There will be opened a direct ticket sell point, a stand in the road.

Planner and real time

As every year, there will be all official info of urban buses at Transportes Rober.

This year, as novelty, there will be included data of ferial buses in the public transport app Moovit, that can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet.


Parking places located next to the Ferial, between Joaquina Eguaras and Casería de Aguirre Streets, will be arranged and supervised, paying a standard fare authorized by the City Council.

Beside the Ferial of Corpus will be settled a rotational parking marked in red on the following map. The access of this rotational parking will be in Joaquina Eguaras Street.

Ferial parking places 2017

Green zones are reserved for the ferial workers, and the yellow zone is reserved for workers´s caravans

Afecctions to mobility

During the Festivity of Corpus in Granada there are two events that create affections to mobility due to traffic cuts that must be done for their celebration.

The Tarasca

It takes place on Wednesday of Feria, 14 June, from 12:00 hours. Traffic cut will be done from 11:30 hours and ending aproximately at 14:00 hours.

Itinerary: Plaza del Carmen - Reyes Católicos - Plaza Isabel la Católica - Gran Vía de Colón - Cárcel Baja - Pie de la Torre - Capuchinas - Plaza de la Trinidad - Mesones - Puerta Real - Reyes Católicos - Plaza del Carmen.

Ver Pública de las Fiestas en un mapa más grande

Corpus Christi Holy Parade

It takes place on Thursday, day of the Corpus Christi, bank holiday in Granada, this year will be on 15 June. Begins at 10:30 hours, and traffic cuts might be from 9:20 hours.

Following the traditional itinerary, starting at the Cathedral and affecting Reyes Católicos and Gran Vía.

Diversion of public transport

These two events create diversion of public transport through Severo Ochoa - Camino de Ronda.

Relevant information

Check all info about Festivity of Corpus at y el Programa del Corpus 2017.


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