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Closure ceremony of the Educational Activities to improve Road Safety

The Major and the Delegate of Mobility in the Closure Ceremony of the course teached by the Center in Road Safety 2017

On Monday 12 June in the Plenary Room of the City Council celebrated the closure ceremony of the educational activities made by kids and joung people in different projects to improve Road Safety in Granada.


Projects developed during this course by the Educational Center in Road Safety not only pretend to improve Road Safety, but try to encourage healthier and substainable displacements as: walking, on bicycle and on bus.

With such determined people as these are, environmental quality and coexistence in Granada will progress indisputably. CHEERS and ROUND OF APPLAUSE from the city Major, Provincial Traffic Chief and the Delegate of Mobility, that joined this ceremony.

Acto clausura 2017

Closure Ceremony 2017

Municipal appreciation to those children and young people working for road safety.

Following the targets of the City Council of Granada included in its Road Safety Agreement and being a Childhood Friendly City (UNICEF), of:

  • Educate in Security and Solidarity sharing urban road network and
  • Promote those ways of displacements to be more active, substainable and healthier for people and the city.

Closure Ceremony 2017

This day, there are many reasons to celebrate and thank, in a Ceremony headed by the Major of Granada, accompanied by the Provincial Traffic Chief and the Delegate of Mobility and Citizen´s Protection:

1. Diploma delivery to School Traffic Regulators:

One more year we have achieved total absence of incidents and accidents around school centers, thanks to hard work and defence of guidelines performed by 33 boys and girls that have regulated traffic around their respectives school centers: Santa Marta, Ntra. Señora del Rosario and Luz Casanova.

2. Gratittude Diploma delivery:

To the participants of the European project STARS, to promote displacements on bus, walking or on bike to their respective school centers. A sum of 35 boys and girls of the school centers: Juan XXIII Chana, San Isidoro and Andrés Segovia, with their respectives teachers.

Closure Ceremony 2017Closure Ceremony 2017Closure Ceremony 2017

3. Diploma Delivery Drawing Contest:

In those works, collect ideas and proposals of the participants about the city they would like to live in. A sum of 1.084 drawings of 57 centers.

Closure Ceremony 2017Closure Ceremony 2017

Estimation of targets achieved

  • Participation has increased in general compared with last year in more than 300 students.
  • Interest for the Ciclyst Conference: it has increased from 26 to 31 participant centers and more than a hundred joiners. There have been teached by Granada al Pedal and with the cooperation fo the Ciclyst Unit of Local Police.
  • With respect to Road Safety in Elderly People, this year has been celebrated the International Elderly Day at Fuente de las Batallas, where had been teached Road Safety workshops with the help of the Red Cross. Participation in these workshops was very high.

Closure Ceremony 2017

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