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XVI Motorbike Conferences and VII Conferences Coexistence with Bikes

Motorbike Bicycle Conferences 2017

On 24, 25 and 26 October 2017 celebrated at the Educational Center in Road Safety these conferences of motorbikes and bicycles.


Organised by the Educational Center in Road Safety of the Mobility Area of the City Council of Granada, were teached by the Association Vespacito and Mutua Motera.

Objectives: To stress in the training of one of the main risk groups in traffic accidents in Granada: young people using two wheeled vehicles. These conferences are theorical - practical and are teached at the premises of the ERS, with municipal resources.

There are five assistance centers are:

  • IES Ramón y Cajal
  • Ave Mª Casa Madre
  • IES Hermenegildo Lanz
  • IES Alhambra
  • Ave Mª San Cristóbal

A total of 175 students.

Accident rate of two wheeled vehicles

Granada is a city recovering from economic crisis and increasing its vehicle fleet compared with previous year: 145.323 (2017) versus 144.443 (2016).

Two wheeled vehicules, object of these conferences, represent 38.751, whereof:

  • 15.514 mopeds
  • 23.237 motorbikes

Represent almost the 27% of the total of the fleet.

There is an possitive evolution of accidents with two wheeled vehicles in Granada:

Year Mopeds Motorbikes
2011 190 242
2012 153 264
2013 169 289
2014 163 302
2015 159 317
2016 136 312

Analisys of accident rates in two wheeled vehicles


Vehícles used for labour/study reasons, accidents are mostly from Monday to Friday.

Age of users: young people between 21 and 25 years

Use of helmet : practically 99%

Accidents hot spots in 2016 were: Avda. Andalucia/Cruz del Sur (5), Cmno. Ronda con Azorin (4), Cmno. Ronda with Marquez de la Ensenada (3), Plaza Rotary with Paseo del Violon (3).

Offences: distracted driving, Not keeping security distance, not obbey : traffic lights, pedestrian crossings or stop signs.

Most of people involved in moped accidents are young people about twenty years old and accidents occur in usual work schedules.


Vehicule mostly used to go to work

Time slot: Most of motorbike accidents are between week and midday.

Age of users: 26 to 55 years. Mostly men.

Use of helmet: 98% uses it.

Streets with more accident rate: Camino de Ronda, Recogidas, Avda. de la Constitución mostly. As positive date accidents in Acera del Darro with Puente Castañeda has been decreased.

Causes: Not keeping security distance, illegal overtakings, distractions, not respecting priority .

It is important to remark that most of accidents are involved middle aged people and with their driving licenses recently granted, so may be related, their accidents with the over confidence in themselves and the lack of experience driving a motorbike.

Actuations undertaken

According to the diagnosys made with the Urban Road Safety Plan, two wheeled vehicle collective is specially vulnerable and so one of the risk groups the City Council is more interested in.

Actuation undertaking to this purpose:

  • Indicators of the Urban Road Safety Plan tracking with regard to security of these vehicles.
  • Creation of an educational DVD in cooperation with Vespacito and Mutua Motera.
  • Campaigns and educational material aimed both to young bikers and usual drivers of cars that begin to drive a motorbike without experience driving it. Actual regulation allow, when holding for more than two years car driving license permission to drive 125 CC. motorbikes without any training and previous exam (economic crisis has helped to change from the use of car to motorbike).
  • There is a great effort from the city council to increase gradually the number of parking places for motorbikes.
  • Round tables in High Schools which educates in benefits of two wheeled vehicles in Granada and its driving reducing risks.
  • Every year we teach Motorbike Conferences and Coexistence with bikes, focused to those who begin driving a motorbike to do it safely. These Conferences are teached by: Mutua Motera and Vespacito that i wish to thank for their cooperation and implication with the City Council providing their knowledges and experience in favour of a very important collective that we want to potentiate for being a suitable vehicle for a city like Granada is, but because of its vulnerability must be paid a special attention.

Motorbike Conferences Granada 2017 Motorbike Conferences Granada 2017 Motorbike Conferences Granada 2017 Motorbike Conferences Granada 2017

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