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Brand new bicycle rental service

Obike in Granada

Granada gets further in substainable mobility with a brand new bicycle rental service. 250 bicycles can be rented at any point of the city through an app.


Granada goes one step further today and progressively increasing with the implementation of a substainable, modern and ecological mobility system of bicycle rental service. Citizens can rent a bicycle to meke their displacements through the city.

The city became the second in Spain, after Madrid, to offer a bicycle rental service that, unlike other existing services, allow to park vehicle in any public space, not being necessary a preset parking space.

The Major of Granada, Francisco Cuenca, in the presentation of this brand new service in plaza del Carmen, has encouraged citizenship to use for free during the first month 250 two wheeled vehicles to rent, through the company Obike.

This is a sharing bicycle system, implemented in other european cities, through an app, available both for android and IOS, that allow user, once registered, to locate via mobile phone nearest bike and rent it scanning a QR code marked in the vehicle.

Users can be registered through Facebook account or mobile phone. After use the unit may be parked in a near public space for that purpose, and block the unit.

User, as the maximum municipal responsible person explained, can pay for this service through the app. In reference to fares, Francisco Cuenca has remarked that will be free use the first month, even though must place a deposit of 49 euros that will be refunded at the end of use. Fare will be 0.50 cents euro every 30 minutes use.

Units will be available in every district of the city, although the major has explained that units will be focused in universitary areas and city center hot points to attend the increasing demand of this service from young people and tourists. Bicycle fleet available are 250, and can be incresed on demand of service.

For Cuenca, Granada move towards the implementation of a substainable mobility system to improve air quality, with the reduction of CO2 emmisions, that will make a change in displacement habits using less noisy and polluting vehicles, together with a more friendly and modern city.

Highlighting recent achievements between the City Council and Junta de Andalucía in matters of mobility with the agreement of bicycle plan in Andalusia or the come into functioning of Light Rail, Major has remarked his commitment to transform Granada into a green and substainable city.

On the other hand, Miguel Ramos, person in charge of Obike in Spain, has explained that this new service of bicyle renting incorporate bonuses for users to encourage proper use of bicycles. So there will be given points to credit correct use, or otherwise, will be punishable with the loss of points adquired and service fares will raise the price.



For any incident about Obike, use its app, website or send an email to


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