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Elderly and Road Safety Meetings

Meetings Red Cross Elderly 2017

Elderly wave goodbye the last quarter of the year talking about Road Safety.


Invited by the Red Cross, the Municipal Center in Road Safety of Mobility attended the last Meeting of 2017 of Elderly people where they work and recycle themselves, between other subjects, in Road Safety.

The City Council of Granada, after the diagnosis made in their Urban Plan in Road Safety, sponsored by the DGT, has an educational commitment with all risk groups in our city and also ways of displacements more vulnerable así como los modos de desplazamiento mas vulnerables.

In case of ELDERLY, the objective is to reduce high involvement in urban accidents of people over 65 years, reeducating in SAFER displacements, adapting this education and information updated, to their necessities and capacities.

Meeting elderly red cross granada 2017

Elderly, is a collective that the City Council works with it through: Meetings, Workshops, and cebration of the International Day of Elderly People togheter with Red Cross, Official School of Psychology and City Council, remarking from PREVENTION in a group of age since the population pyramid has being reversed, every day tends to increase and carries particular risks in their displacements that must be compensated with educational measures.

Age 2012 2052
Over 65 years 8.029.674 15.203.849
Total population 46.196.278 41.558.096
% Over 65 yearss 17% 36%

Data INE 2012


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