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Boost to metropolitan taxi

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Granada, Cenes de la Vega and Pulianas will have a taxi joint service.


The major, Francisco Cuenca, says that this measure means a step forward to the end of limits between municipalities and the adaptation to the great metropolitan city that Granada is.

Municipalities of Granada, Cenes de la Vega and Pulianas will have a taxi joint service thanks to the boost of the first Area of Taxi joint provision of service, a project in which the City Coucil of the capital will be instrumental and managing authority, and will benefy almost 255.000 inhabitants of three municipalities.

For the major of the capital, Francisco Cuenca, is the answer to a important demand of citizens that claims the end of barriers between municipalities and provide public quality services in current life, that means a metropolitan city over half million inhabitants.. The firs councellor has presented this project beside the majors of Cenes and Pulianas, José Ramón Castellón and José Antonio Carranza; and by the president of the Taxi Association, Ramón Alcaraz.

They all have concurred that this measure will be an improvement in quality and efficiency of the supply of this service, a better taxi service, the access for disabled people -unavailable until now- for neighbours of Cenes and Pulianas or to ease a substainable and social mobility for the inhabitants of these three municipalities.

After appreciating to the Taxi Association its generosity, coordination work and vision on public service, Francisco Cuenca has reiterated the commitment of the current Government team of the City Council working coordinately to benefy the great metropolitan city that Granada is.

In this sense, has highlighted some of the improvements made in this sense as the agreement for the implementation of free transfer between light rail and urban buses or the firm determination to invest 31 million euros of funds EDUSI from a metropolitan vision that affects almost 365.000 inhabitants. For all this our will is that this agreement with taxi to be a step forward and to be an open door for the incorporation of other municipalities.

The major of Granada as assured that this new joint service will come into force in the next days, once it will be approved in the Plenary Session of three affected municipalities and have the authorization of Junta de Andalucía, that has been sent the agreement contract already. In the Citu Council of Granada, the approval of this agreement has been made in the last Mobility Commission unanimously.



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