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Project Súbete a Granada

Raquel Ruz. Subete a granada

The City Council of Granada presents results achieved in the initiative of use of public transport.


Mobility Council, Raquel Ruz, has pointed out the effort of the government team to recover the use of public transport after the decreasement of users due to the implementation of transfers system.

The City Council of Granada has presented this morning the results of this pilot action, developed on January, to show citizenship benefits of use of public transport. Conclusions say, as the Mobility council explained, that if participants of this project continue using public transport as they have been doing in this survey, will save 1.200 annual euros per person in car expenses and will not emit 17 tons of CO2.

The initiative Súbete a Granada, included in the project of the European Comission Pilot Proyect Raising Awarness of Alternatives to Private Car to promote use of public transport, has chosen thirty persons that usually use private car -between almost 3.000 applicants- and gave them a transport card and information about the use of transport.

The results achieved on the week of this pilot action in Granada –from 21 to 27 January- show a total save of 158 euros of fuel and 2.259 kilometers, and stop emmitting 0,34 tons of CO2. Also, once this project is over, 43 per cent of participats has said that they will be willing to change private car for public transport and with a level of satisfaction of 89 per cent.

Raquel Ruz has explained with this pilot initiative, encouraged by the City Council in cooperation with the European Union, Junta de Andalucía and Tipsa enterprise, pretend to promote substainable mobility and arise conciousness on people about benefits of not using private car, both from environmental point of view and economical, because this means a great save..

On the presentation of the conclusions of this survey, that also joined the responsible of the project of Tipsa enteprise, Francisco Blázquez, and the manager of Metropolitan Consortium, Christian Muñoz, Mobility council has highlighted the effort of the City Council to improve public transport service, to make it more accessible, efficient and attractive.

Thanks to policies run up since two years and a half , have reverted little by little a situation becoming alarming, due to decreasement of users after the implementation of transfer system, has said. Actions as Mobility Week, changes on bus lines or launching of Light Rail has been a revulsive to break this cycle and improve this service that, certainly, has many benefits.




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