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Fourth stage of the Vuelta Ciclista a Andalucía

Vuelta a Andalucía 2019 granada

Granada will be the finish lane of the fourth stage of the 65th edition of the Vuelta a Andalucía - Ruta del Sol.


Granada will lead the 65th edition of the Vuelta Ciclista a Andalucía from 20 to 24 February. First stage, considered as major stage, will take place on grenadine soil on 23 February. Is starts in Armilla ad ends at Paseo de la Bomba in the capital of the city after climbing four mountain passes, two of them first category (el Purche and Hazallanas). Next day, the Vuelta will end with a last stage between Otura and Alhaurín de la Torre.

The major of Granada, Francisco Cuenca, said that the andalusian stage is one of major events in the sport calendar of Granada. He remembered that this goverment team recover this sports event for Granada after 14 years absence. Cuenca has assured that we are European Sports City as a prize for being a model of sport city becoming evident our capabilities, values we transmit through sport and economic and social impact we achieve organising sports events..

The first grenadine council has also remarked the great broadcasting through television, to 173 countries. Also, this year the cyclist convoy, of thousand people, will pass three days in Granada, creating 3.000 la gran difusión de la carrera a través de televisión, ya que la señal llega a 173 países. Además, este año la caravana ciclista al completo, compuesta por un millar de personas, dormirá tres noches en Granada, lo que originará 3.000 overnight stays.

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Information about the Fourth Stage: Armilla - Granada

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Main Data

  • ARMILLA, Plaza de la Constitución.
  • 12.20 h: Concentration, signing and presentation of teams.
  • 13.20 h: Neutralized start.
  • 13.30 h: Real start.
  • 13.43 h: Alto de la Malahá (MP 3rd Cat).
  • 14.17 h: OGÍJARES, Intermediate Sprint.
  • 14.45 h: Alto del Purche (MP 1st Cat-Special).
  • 15.15 h: GRANADA, Intermediate Sprint.
  • 15.39 h: Alto del Purche (MP 1st Cat-Special).
  • 15.53 h: Alto de Hazallanas (MP 1st Cat-Special).
  • 16.29 h: Finish: Paseo de la Bomba, GRANADA.

First step

Stage will have a first pass through Granada, with an intermediate sprint at Paseo del Generalife.

Aproximately at 15:05-15:05 come in the municipal distric from A-395 to Paseo Laguna de Cameros, following through José Tamayo, Cervantes Avenue, Puente Verde, Paseo de la Bomba, Cuesta Escoriaza, Vistillas de los Ángeles, Cuesta del Caidero, Antequeruela Baja, Paseo del Generalife (IE), Santa María de la Alhambra Avenue, Carretera de la Sierra andy entrance to municipal district of Cenes de la Vega.

Primer paso vuelta andalucía 2019 por granada

End of Stage

Finisth will be located at paseo de la Bomba. Will arrive to municipal district of Granada from Cenes through Carretera de la Sierra, following to Duque San Pedro de Galatino Square and ending at Paseo de la Bomba.

Between 16:21 and 16:39 it is due to end this stage.

Fin de etapa vuelta andalucía 2019 por granada


Affections to mobility

There will be traffic cuts due to the celebration of the race and its itinerary.

For the assemblement of finish lane, on day 23 will be traffic cut in Paseo de la Bomba, that will open to traffic once finish lane is dismantled.

Some urban bus lanes will be affected by the Vuelta a Andalucía: S2, S0, 9, 33, 13, C30, C32, C35.


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