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Drawing Exhibition: 25 Years Designing a New Mobility

Exhibition drawings mobility granada

During the European Mobility Week 2019, we held an Exhibition of Drawings on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the Mobility Drawing Contest: Once upon a time a bus.


On the occasion of the celebration of the European Mobility Week, the Mayor Luís Salvador, the First Deputy Mayor Sebastián Pérez and the Delegate of Citizen Security, Mobility, Strategic Projects and Metropolitan Office, Cesar Díaz, at the end of the Round Press Office for the presentation of SEM19, visited the Exhibition of drawings commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Once upon a time a bus ... Drawing Contest, carried out by the children and young people of the schools of Granada, declaring it officially inaugurated.

Exhibition presentation

There are already 25 editions of a Drawing Contest whose initiative was created in the 94/95 school year, considering the need to want to contemplate a new philosophy of city government and listen not only to technicians, experts, citizens in general ... But also the opinion of children and young people who would like to contribute ideas about the city in which they would like to live, from the perspective of their movements and coexistence.

The response of the educational centers, parents and teachers did not wait: almost all the Granada schools have participated every year, increasing year after year the quality and messages of the drawings, which can be seen in the Exhibition, where the winners of each edition can be found in each panel.

A Granada:

  • Safe: 0 accidents
  • Accessible
  • Respectful of people and the environment
  • Solidarity
  • With abundant areas that favor the coexistence of children, seniors, young people
  • With spaces for more sustainable journeys: lanes or spaces reserved for cyclists and bicycles, zones 30, pedestrian zones ...
  • Adapted to all types of people whatever their special needs, because it is THE PERSON AND NOT THE VEHICLE, THE GREAT LEADING PLAYER OF THIS GRANADA.

exhibition drawings mobility granada exhibition drawings mobility granada

In this Exhibition, which thanks to the collaboration of Transportes ROBER we have carried out during these 25 years, and in which nearly 50,000 students have participated, their protagonists, fathers, mothers and teachers, have helped all of us keep in mind that if we design a city suitable for children, young and old, we will all be happy in it.

If we wanted to get a clear message from this group from the Exhibition as a contribution to the European Mobility Week, this would be their:

  • Bet on a Planet and a Granada where urban displacements are preferably by: bus, metro, taxi, bikes, scooters of various kinds, on foot.
  • We have witnessed the evolution of Mobility in Granada, through drawings: it began by betting on the use of the bus in the 94/95 edition and has been advancing with the commitment of the different media that contribute to a more sustainable mobility.
  • Air quality, the absence of accidents, respect for the norm, solidarity between the different modes of travel, accessibility ... as a priority, are a constant.
  • Need for a Regulation of everything and a Training for everyone who circulates in a public space. Respect and Solidarity are Attitudes highly claimed in their messages.
  • A compulsory Road Safety Education that guarantees us:


exhibition drawings mobility granada


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