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Presentation of the new Road Safety books

Presentation Granada Road Safety Books

On 9 March takes place the presentation of the new informative books of the Educational Center in Road Safety of the City Council of Granada, sponsored by El Corte Inglés.


Monday 9 at 10 Hours. Committee Hall.

Take part:
- Cesar Díaz Ruiz, Delegate of Mobility
- Carlos Ruiz Cosano, Delegate of Education
- Carlos Hernández Martín-Moré, Responsible for Institutional Realtions, El Corte Ingles, Granada


The present time, requires that the City Council reacts and create a different city:

  • With spaces for coexistence and free of cars, smoke and risks for the vulnerables: pedestrians, cyclists and two-wheeled in general.
  • With new means of transport where pedestrians, bicycles, Personal Mobility Vehicles (VMP, or scooters), public transport (bus, taxi and light rail) mean the main characters in them.
  • Where the quality of air increases, accidents decrease and population adquire new habits where prevail active displacements, healthier for the people and the city.

To achieve it, we have numerous technical measures, some of them are being explored and some other are going to be implemented... But we can not forget an essential tool to show the level of the city in civism, ethic and quality of life... is EDUCATION. This work process of Road Safety in Granada from our City Council, we have the aid of El Corte Inglés sposoring our well worked out Books in Road Safety, in its two modalities: Primary and Secondary Education designed from the Educational Center in Road Safety.

The Primary Education Books, aimed to 9/10 years, childrens begin to be self sufficient pedestrians, travellers, cyclists etc. We talk with them about Ligt Rail, bus, etc. And about how many active ways of displacement is good to use to enjoy the way to school.

The Secondary Eduation Books, we want to tell them, even when it is not approved, no operational Ordinance but already made, information to know a secure use of a mean of transport with multiple advantages but due to its vulnerability we must learn about them. In these books, information of bicycles both electric and traditional and VMP and mopeds have a main place in them a main place.


  • Each course are edited 5000 Primary Education Books and 5000 Secondary Education Books, with many and varied activities.
  • Each course renews:
    - New covers and pictures of the participants in the Drawing Contest Érase una vez un bus... and la Granada en la que te gustaría vivir.
    - New contents according to new laws and normatives.
  • Recipients: all educative centers of Granada that apply for the Activities in Road Safety.
  • The evaluation of educators is highly positive to help in their work about this subject.

Presentation granada road safety books 2020

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Presentation granada road safety books 2020

Presentation granada road safety books 2020


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