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Additional measures on public bus service

Urban bus additional measures Granada 2020

From 28 March 2020 additional measures are taken in the context of the Alarm State. Bus lines service 25, C5 and C30 are suspended. You can only use the bus pass to get on the bus.


Its been published the Decreto Servicio de Transporte Público de Granada, medidas adicionales en el contexto del Estado de Alarma on 27 March 2020.

Additional measures proposed are:

  • 1. For those bus lines that have an average demand for usage of 15 or less passengers/day from 16 March to the date of this report, service is suspended. Specifically bus lines 25, C5 and C30.
  • suspension bus lines 25, c5 and c30

  • 2. Boost the guidelines given by the authorites, in order to reduce the handling of cash by drivers, and avoid as much as possible the spreading of the infection in between the staff and members of the public:

    - There can only be sold single tickets for bus line 4, and only when they are delivered in one of the 19 vending machinese distributed along the itinerary of this bus line.
    - Charge and adquisition of bus passes can only be made in one of the 19 vending machines distributed along the itinerary of bus line 4.
    - Concessionary company will have a customer care telephone (958 13 45 05) with a personalized service to charge or purchase bus passes on vending machines.
    - Whilst on the bus, passengers should only stand next to the driver´s cabin as less as possible, just for the cancellation of the travel card.
  • just cancellation bus

Measures proposed will come into force at 0:00 hours of 28 March 2020 and will still in effect during the Alarm State.

Check more infor at the website of Transportes Rober about the suspension of bus lines 25, C5 and C30 and the requirement of use of the bus pass, on bus just cancellation of bus passes .

Transportes Rober the City Council of Granada thank the cooperation of all passengers for any inconvenience that these measures might cause, and strongly recommend the application of these sanitary guidelines and good practices stablished by the various public authorities.

You should remember, as published on 16 March 2020, the implememtation of some other measures as the 50% reduction of the fleet (except for bus line 4, that keeps its frequency, and the universitary and night that are suspended).


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