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We are ready. Back to bus

Campaign transportes rober

The staff of Transportes Rober company features this campaign to encourage the use of urban bus in Granada. This initiative is one of implemented by the City Council to boost substainable mobility.


The councellor of Mobility, César Díaz, encourages citizens to regain the trust on a cleaner, more comfortable and safer public transport after three months of confinement.

With the slogan We are ready. Back to bus, the City Council of Granada and company Transportes Rober run from today 3 June a promotion campaign of public transport as a safe and substainable transport. This advertising campaign, is featured by the staff of Transportes Rober, is framed within the guidelines taken by the government team firmly supporting public transport.

The councillor of Mobility of the City Council of Granada, César Díaz, has pointed out that the Consistory believes that now is the moment trust our displacements on public transport and, to regain passengers trust on public transport. So, in this moment we make a step forward, because we think is important that the people know we are paying attention to each detail to welcome passengers as they deserve.

Beside the director of Transportes Rober company, Francisco Gámez, the councillor of Mobility has remembered that the City Council is arranging a new signalling network around the city implementing several kilometers of reserved lanes for public transport, a measure implemented temporary, but we expect it to continue. Also, he said that Granada increases from 25 to 75 kilometers of bus lane. This means that is a real bet of government team to encourage public transport and personal mobility vehicles, has remarked.

Both the councellor and the director of Rober has appreciate the volunteer cooperation of more than a hundred members of the staff of the company - drivers, cleaning staff, bus reviewer, inspectors and administration staff- that lent their image to catch the attention of passengers and tell them we are waiting for you, we want to welcome you as you deserve in public transport providing appropiate security arrangements and guarantees, said. The target also is, as Gámez added, to honour the whole staff of Transportes Rober that have been and still are on the front line of this sanitary pandemic because this is a priority activity.

The campaign, that will be active during June, will be shown on buses, mass media, on more than 150 advertising pannels around Granada and advertising spot for television that have been shown in the presentation.

Campaign back to bus. César Díaz. Francisco Gámez. Granada. Transportes Rober

Mobility councellor says that this initiative has begun now that we have a progressive confidence of passenger in public transport, after the significant loss of passengers in this sanitary outbreak with only 2.500 passengers. Fortunately, we have raised 20.000 dayly users and it is a very important new to have this increasement between 25 and 30 per cent travellers a week, has said.

On the other hand, the director of Rober has remarked that the company is still making a close monitoring to passengers to fit bus services according to the de-escalating phases, increasing frequency and number of buses, to ensure the use of bus ensuring social distance and no crowds. This, beside the obligatory use of face mask and other hygiene measures implemented by the company, makes a secure area for everyone, passengers and staff.

Campaign back to bus. César Díaz. Francisco Gámez. Granada. Transportes Rober

At last, César Díaz has celebrated the coincidence with the Bicycle World Day reafirming the commitment of the City Council for substainable mobility and make people of Granada trust their displacements on public transpots, bicycle and personal mobility vehicles. So, today is a spacial day of celebration in Granada, has ended.

Campaign video City Council of Granada and Transportes Rober to encourage bus as a safe and secure public transport.


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