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Public transport in Granada obtains the AENOR Certificate against Covid-19

Aenor Rober

This certificate guarantee users and workers that Transportes Rober has implemented measures to make buses safe to travel.


Public transport in Granada has achieved AENOR certificate that recognises that guidelines taken to prevent Covid-19 are secure an effective. Specifically, AENOR certificates all measures taken by Transportes Rober Company in the security protocol against Covid-19 and recognises that the company is implementating efficiency procedures to manage risks from the virus, and that buses are secure places to travel, minimizing the risk of spread of the Covid-19, offering maximum confidence to passengers with security and hygiene run by this company during this sanitary outbreak.

The concession of this certificate has been announced today by the Major of Granada, Luis Salvador, beside the Councellor of Mobility and Citizen´s Safety, César Díaz, Delegate of Public Works and Culture of Junta de Andalucía in Granada, Antonio Granados, the manager of Transportes Rober, Francisco Gámez, AENOR quality, environment and risk prevention manager, Asunción Robles, and the director in Andalusia of the AENOR South area, Antonio Pérez.


The AENOR certificate, as the Major said, represent a support for public service of the city, that, after a comprehensive audit, has proved that implementing in advance preventive measures, has accomplished strict and meticulous requirements against Covid-19 and it spreading.

Also, he appreciated the effort, both the Councellor of Mobility and Citizen´s Safety and Transportes Rober for their initiative and worries to implement neccesary, adaptable and continous measures that give Granada a safe public transport to travel, where have been minimized risks of the spreading of Covid-19, giving maximum confidence to passenger.

This situation, in words of the Councellor of Mobility and Citizen´s Safety, can be noticed in the gradual restore of trust of passengers of urban public transport for their displacements. The Councellor has made a great calling to grenadines to choose sustainable means of transport to reduce pollution.


The AENOR certificate, makes an audit process first documented and after that on site, to prove that the protocol implemented by Transportes Rober comply the best measures existing to prevent Covid-19 and its transmission.

This process has a continuity in time, so as the manager of AENOR said, every three months we make an audit to verify that these measures continue and are secure, one issue that as César Díaz pointed out, this evaluation will make us very demanding with security measures, not only on the capacity, cleanins, hydrogel on buses, but arranging the best guidelines to prevent the virus.

On the audit made on 22 and 23 June has been included both the inspection of facilities, buses and Customer Care office, and documents and protocols of the company to certificate that it complies all recommendations and requirements of several national bodies, as the Ministry of Health or the National Institute of Job Safety and Health.

Transportes Rober, in cooperation with the City Council of Granada, has run from the beginning of the outbreak all guidelines of security and hygiene given by authorities, keeping in time most important measures, as cleaning and disinfection of vehicle fleet, capacity limitations, special protocol to mantain cooling systems, or security screens in all buses.

All these actions, togheter with the mandatory of face mask, allow passengers regain confidence in collective public transport as the most efficiency, secure and sustainable transport in their displacements around the city, arranging a continous increasement of the demand, standing a 50% more passengers than in 2019, at the same date.




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