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Presentation of the European Mobility Week 2020

César Díaz SEM2020

On Wednesday 9th September 2020 is presented the programme of the European Mobility Week 2020 in Granada


Granada celebrates from 16 to 22 September a new edition of the European Mobility Week, that with the slogan To a zero emmissions mobility, will emphasize with a complete programme of activities supported by a great cast of collectives and civic organisation and the commitment of this government team to get the indicators of atmospheric pollution down that have seriously wounded this city and the health of the people of Granada.

European Mobility Week 2020

Check all info on the web page of European Moblity Week 2020 in Granada.

This is what the councellor of Mobiliy and Citizen´s Safety, Strategic Projects and Metropolitan Office, César Díaz, during the presentation this morning in the patio of the City Council of Granada said about the programmed activities for this new edition of the European Mobility Week that, as he remembered that will be shaped by the security measures of Covid-19, so there will not be the traditional exhibitions and activities aimed to arise conciousness about the use of non polluting vehicles, has explained.

Díaz, remarked the commitment of the city and its bet for the implementation of a sustainable mobility to reduce pollution emmissions, as is evident, as he remembered, with the unanimous agreement of all political forces around the Urban Sustainable Mobility Plan, the focus is on the impact measures that are going to be arranged over the next seven years.

Also, appart from some online discussion seminars and the expert analyses about sustainable mobility and educative activities to arise conciousness about the use of non polluting vehicles, on 16th will be presented the Implementation Plan of Bicycle parking spaces, with a new exclusive parking lot in the patio of the City Council that will extend gradually, because we bet to favour the use of non polluting vehicles, has remembered.

In turn, it is going to be formalised the Shared Area for Taxis from Granada, Pulianas and Cenes, so the taxis of these towns can operate in these munipal areas.

Presentation and inauguration of San Antón Street, as a pedestrian priority street, a new app for unified payment of the services of public transport, like bus, taxis and regulated parking areas or the start of operation of a pilot project that allow a modal trading system are some of the initiatives that will be released over next week.

César Díaz also wanted, to point out, in the mark of the programmed activities due to this initiative, the presentation next Tuesday, 22 September, of a new delivery of hybrid buses for the city that will allow change one of every four vehicles of the urban transport fleet of the city and reduce the CO2 emmissions in almost a million kilo.

Among the targets set by the European Commision for the European Week, the councellor remarked the need to achieve a neutral continent in carbono in 2050, accessibility to non pollution transport in an inclusive framework and gives citizens the opportunity to explore the use of streets, innovating and creating new practical solutions to reduce the use of private vehicle, control the emmissions of transport and incorporate new technologies of mobility.

The council also has revealed that the City Council of Granada will incorporate tem>tax incentives for the companies that embrace measures aimed to ease the use of sustainable transports of it workers so he announced that will have a meeting with entrepreneurs at the Cámara de Comercio in Granada.

At the same time, and within the framework of the European Mobility Week programme, it´s been celebrated yesterday, 8 September, a meeting with Majors and councellors of the Metropolitan Area where, with the attendance of almost municipalities of this metropolitan area, have shared strategies for sustainable mobility, as he pointed out.

European Mobility Week 2020

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