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Traffic school regulators

School traffic regulators granada 2020

Schools of Granada are searching for Road Safety and Health after their return: Traffic school regulators


School Nuestra Señora del Rosario del Realejo, after the return to class and this fear situation, great care and health measures that this situation demands, take their STOP wooden paddle and reflective vests to return normality to Road Safety and Health in the entrance and exits of school.

Teachers and parents help supporting students and restoring several transversal educative activities to help with implemented COVID19 guidelines and make normality an achievable goal day by day.

Technical staff of the Educational Center in Road Safety of the City Council of Granada teached a formative course to students and on Monday September 28th 2020 began their activity at the end of class.

Congratulations to boys and girls and their spirit and courage, to all school staff, fathers and mothers supporting them.

School traffic regulators School traffic regulators School traffic regulators


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