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Safe and healthy school surroundings

Safe and healthy schools

Five educational centers in Granada join the project Safe and Healthy School Surroundings to reduce traffic in the accesses to these schools.


The Educational Center in Road Safety, Mobility, after the beginning of the school year, has arranged the following initiatives, trying to cooperate in the standarization of school life:

  • Spreading of information gathered in the Ordinance of Pedestrians, Bicycles and PMV´s approved on last July, between young people of bicycle associations and MPV´s, shops of both vehicles
  • There have been started the Bike Seminars aimed to affiliated high schools. There have been theorical practical-sessions with educative trips using TRL or reserved lanes for more sustainable and healthier ways of displacement: Public Transport, bicycles and PMV, with a broad participation of school centers.
  • Spread and encourage to participate in the Project Safe and Healthy School Surroundings that wants to reduce traffic in the surroundings of schools, not only reducing air pollution levels so harmful for our health in these pandemic days, but cooperating to the access of students in an active and social way

Safe and healthy school surroundings

This is an initiative that cooperates to improve air quality, so neccessary both to stop the propagation of the virus, and the standarization to the return to schools.

Requirements to join this Project are :

  • Application for to the Mobility Area: location of traffic cuts, schedules, etc.
  • Mobility file authorizing this measure demanding:
    • A portable fence with a no entry sign and if necessary an obligation sign.
    • Sign with the entrance and exit schedule with 30 minutes margin to make it, on the school year.
    • The City Council will arrange prohibition vertical signals, in authorized schedule in school year.

Granada Entornos Escolares Seguros y Saludables

Schools affiliated to this project, previously agreed with AMPAS are:

  • San Juan de Dios, Esopo St
  • Santa María Micaela, Dr. Medina Olmos Avenue , 9
  • La Asunción, Martínez de la Rosa St, 5
  • Ntra. Sra. de la Consolación, Medina Olmos Ave in corner with Virgen de la Consolación St
  • Padre Manjón, Gutierre Tibon St and Tibónidas St

Presentation of the project

Five educational centers of the city participate in this project Safe and Healthy School Surroundings, a municipal initiative that, in words of the Mobility council, César Díaz, is open to any school center that wants to join it and wants to improve air quality and stop the propagation of the virus, and also cooperate with the educational community in the standarization of a active and social school life to make these surroundings more habitable and friendlier.

Safe and Healthy School Surroundings Granada

In a visit to School La Asunción, in Martínez de la Rosa, the councellor said that once the school has applied to the City Council and send the entrance and exit schedule; the Mobility area studies traffic cuts and diversions to be made, and installs a portable fence with the signal no entry and, if necessary, obligation signal, and a informative board with entrance and exit schedule with 30 minutes margin to make it.

Also, said, on school year, the City Council will install a no entry sign with the entrance and exit schedule on it; a way to contribute to the access and exit of students in a active, organised, safe and smoke free way; making this urban surroundings friendlier and more habitable for families, neighbours and workers.

César Díaz has pointed out that, also, with the desire to cooperate in standarization of school life, months ago we have been encouraging other actuationse. So, there has been delivered information about the new Mobility Ordinance (Pedestrians, Bikes and PMV) to groups affected as cyclist associations, shops of vehicles, youth centers, among others. Also, there have been started Bike Seminars with theorical-practical contents, with a great success between high schools of the capital, where have been made educational trips using reserved lanes for these sustainable ways of displacement implemented by the City Council.

Educational centers that want to joing the project Safe and healthy school surroundings, can submit their applications to the Mobility Area of the City Council.

Finally, during the visit to the school center, the councellor has expressed his satisfaction with the good reception and functioning of this project between mothers, fathers, teachers and students.

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