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Modification of Urban Bus Service

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From November 11 2020 urban bus service modifies to adapt this new alarm state in the city of Granada due to COVID-19.


We inform about the modifications to be arranged in collective urban bus servide due to actual situation in Granada under the obligations in extraordinary BOJA issue 8 November, that suspend all non core services in Granada and mobility restrictions from 22.00 to 07.00 hours.

There have been stablished a temporary reduction of service in noon-night schedule and will be reinforced in peak hours. You can check more info about this at the website Transportes Rober.

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According to explained by Mobility Councellor, César Díaz, to match supply and demand, and due to restrictions of mobility in Granada, the City Council and Transportes Rober have been stablished a temporary reduction of services in noon-night schedulea, with 15 minutes frequency in more demanded lines.

On the other hand there have been reinforced service in peak hours to guarantee social distance in peak hours and more demanded bus lines. Also, night lines still do not give service and last trips of the rest of lines will be around eleven o´clock in the evening.

The councellor of Movilidad, César Díaz has appreciated all users for their understanding and cooperation, and remembered that from the beginning of pandemic there have been run an extesive plan of measures to guarantee security of passengers and workers, guaranteed by AENOR Seal that this concessionary company achieved on last July that guarantee that urban buses in Granada are safe from COVID-19.

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Among these measures, the councellor has remarked the reinforcement of cleaning and disinfection of buses, the installation of hydrogel in buses and a continous adaptation of service to the current sanitary situation. In this sense, the councellor has announced that seats on buses will be marked to guarantee social distance between passegers. A measure that, even is not in the guidelines of Junta de Andalucía of demarcation on metropolitan urban transports we agreed to implement this measure to give security to users.

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