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Solidarity Campaign MAGIC BUS

magic bus 2020

The City Council and Transportes Rober run a solidarity campaign Magic Bus adapted to pandemic circumstances.


The Councellor of Citizen´s Safety and Mobility, César Díaz and the manager of Transportes Rober, Francisco Gámez have presented the third edition of the solidarity initiative Magic Bus in Paseo del Salón with other associations and NGO. An initiative that, have been started three years ago by the City Council of Granada and Transportes Rober, will be celebrating this Christmas to achieve that no child without a toy this Christmas but adapted to these special circumstances of pandemic.

As César Díaz has explained in the presentation of this edition Magic Bus is available for those entities and organisations who wants to make a toy donation to NGO´s gathering them and its delivery by volunteers.

So, on one side, Magic Bus will have punctual actions with some entities of the city like CB Granada. On the other side, Transportes Rober will deliver gathered toys to these NGO´s Integración para la vida (INPAVI), Ciudad de los niños, Edicoma, Fundación Escuela de Solidaridad and Granabip.

In his speech, Councellor of Citizen´s Safety and Mobility, César Díaz, has thanked Transportes Rober to make this solidarity initiative real again so all boys and girls can enjoy this festivity.

On the other hand, the manager of Transportes Rober, Francisco Gámez, has remarked the importance of making these solidarity actions and have labelled a bus with a full color image of Three Wise Men with face masks. Also, has remarked the bet of Rober to keep cooperating with these NGO´s, and also making available to them this Magic Bus, with a donation so NGO themselves to deliver illusion among children.



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