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25 years of Once upon a Bus...

once upon a bus granada 25 years

The City Council gathers in one book last 25 years drawings of the contest Once upon a


The City Council has released a book gathering all drawing of children and young people from Granada made in these last 25 years for the school drawing Once upon a Bus. The Councellor of Mobility, César Díaz, has remarked the need to work together to improve Granada, because that is the most important message young people get across and when other kids draw our city, they draw a clean and blue sky .

Now, in 2021 we are going to make true the wish that has been searched for so many times by young people in their drawings, we are going to make ‘Granada Green’ where all together, no matter political parties, work together to make a more habitable, comfortable, betting on public transports and new more sustainable means of transport , said. A city we can be proud of and be part of a citizen mobilization for the transformation of urban mobility.

In the presentation of the book, have atended, with the responsable of Mobility of the City Council, the councellor of Education, Carlos Ruiz Cosano; the ex director manager of the company Transportes Rober, Guillermo Robles, and the journalist Andrés Cárdenas, author of the prologue of the book. All agreed on the pure vision of children and their creativity and the ability to dream and imagine a more modern and habitable city.

Once upon a Bus Granada 2021 - 25 años

Carlos Ruiz Cosano, who has valued the coordination and collaborative work of this government team to implement the project, has insisted on the importance of education to prevent accidents that, as he reminded, is the first leading cause of death among children. The councellor is so proud to work for Granada in the important public service of prevention at school level.
More than 30.000 children and young people have shown their ideas in the drawings they made about the city they wanted to live in and, Cesar Díaz has assured that the change this Corporation has made to achieve sustainable mobility has no return. We will incorporate new guidelines with the same target, to make Granada a more habitable city, said, a place where will be priority foot displacements or using more sustainable means of transport like bicycle, scooter and, by all means, our public transport, the most efficiency mean of transport in mobilty that we have.

The responsible of Mobility has appreciated the work of all people – previous councellors and municipal Government teams, technicians of the City Council, school community or company Rober - that have ensure the persistence of the initiativeOnce upon a Busfor the last 25 years. A project full of children ingenuity, that imagined multitravels using one single card, they proposed a system of ramps to ease accessibility to everyone, they even mentioned Light Rail and encourage the respect to environment and include new guidelines to create a more sustainable and habitable city, has ended.

To this informative presentation of the book, in a telematic way from the Plenary Room of the City Council, have also attended the director of the Educational Center in Road Safety of the City Council, Asunción Tárrago, and the responsible of Quality and Environment of Transportes Rober, Asunción Robles.

The City Council of Granada has boosted these 25 years the drawing contestOnce upon a Bus through the Educational Center of Mobility and the cooperation of the concessionary company of public transport Rober.

Once upon a Bus Granada 2021 - 25 años

Downloadable presentation

You can download presentation at PDF.

Erase una vez un bus Granada 2021 - 25 años



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