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Pacified Lanes

Pacified Lanes granada

The City Council of Granada starts today to repaint in white road signals of the new pacified lanes in the capital.


The Councellor of Mobility, Cesar Díaz, has attended in Severo Ochoa Street the beginning of repainting of new signalling, that, as he assured, means the transformation of this new model of sustainable mobility in the city.

Aproximately in 15 or 20 day depending on weather, the end of this new signalling will change the status of already known yellow lanes to pacified lanes with maximum speed of 30 km/h with free access to every vehicle, but public transport, bicycle and electric skates will have a leading role.

We are talking about green lanes, that will be pacified spaces, limited to 30 km/h and preferably aimed to public transport, bus and taxi, bicycles, electric skates and two-wheeled vehiles, that will have total priority, has defined Díaz.

As the councellor detailed, the object of the consolidation of these Temporary Reserved Lanes that started in pandemic times is to achieve a Granada Green where all means of transport can coexist giving priority to those that are sustainable. He also remembered that Granada has a serious problem with pollution as consequence of abusive use of cars on urban displacements, César Díaz has added that the road to a sustainable mobility is unstoppable.

Therefore, the councellor detailed the keys of this new transformation: on roads with two lanes on the same side will be painted a wider broken line to remember that we are driving through a lane where, as a general rule, the car must circulate on the left and sustainable means of transport on the right.

However, he also detailed, we have painted this broken line to remember that it is allowed to get through this lane but nor recommended. We want to prevail common sense, and if traffic flux allow it, cars will get trhoug left lane and public transport, bicycle, PMVs on the right lane has said Díaz who trusts that the creation of TRLs have arise conciousness on drivers.

The special painting of the streets will be complemented with specific signals and an informative campaign aimed specially to drivers so all grenadines know this signals that, certainly, will mean an improvement in the city.

Also, the councellor of Mobility has remarked some of new actions already taken due to these modifications. In last weeks the area of Mobility has held conversations with several associations involved in the improvement of mobility and key sectors to explain all these guidelines. To achieve this goal it was also convened the Observatory of Mobility where we shared with institutions and key collectives as Gremial del Taxi, Metropolitan Consortium of Transport, Transportes Rober or opposition groups the new measures.

This week also has been celebrated a meeting with majors and councellors of the Metropolitan Area to let them known a consolidation plan that, included in Granada Green, needs a complete involvement of everyone to carry it out. In this shared strategy, the responsible of Mobility has mentioned the proposal of the enhancement of bus lanes in Granada.

We are going to study every point of this green infrastructurer, due to the number of buses that circulate on them, address the possibility of extend reserved spaces only for public transport, has announced. Therefore, the bus lane network in the city is going to be extended. Rationally and carefully studying each detail, will submit to the Observatory of Mobility and the appropiate informative commission proposals to enlarge the infrastructure reserved to public transport, has ended.


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