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Renovation of the educational mobile park of the Road Education Center

Centro Educación Vial  Granada renovación

On April 29, 2021, the renovation of the educational mobile park of the Center for Road Safety Education of the Granada City Council is presented.


This renovation consists of: 6 karts, 30 bicycles and 1 two-seater kart for students with Special Educational Needs.

The current moment requires that the City Council help to promote this new mobility that the city requires and that will make it more active, healthy, sustainable and, with the help of educational measures, more < strong> secure .

To achieve all this, we have numerous technical measures, but we cannot forget that an essential tool to indicate the level of a city in terms of citizenship, ethics and quality of life, is Education .

In this work of working on Road Safety Education in Granada from our City Council, we have the Road Safety Education Center, which promotes education in those modes of travel that are more sustainable and healthy for the city.

Renovación CEV Granada

IX Cycling Days with Santo Tomas de Villanueva (Agustinos)

With these cycling days we promote this mode of travel so necessary for the city, educating in a theoretical-practical way in it: content session, values and road safety skills, skills training in closed circuit and later tour of the city , according to the level of experience of the students.

When giving these conferences we have the Granada al Pedal Cycling Association and the collaboration in urban displacements of the Cycling Unit of the Local Police.

Renovación CEV Granada

The new 6 karts, renew an old and more polluting fleet, thus collaborating in the education of the importance of sustainable vehicles in educational tasks.

Finally, working from the City Council for the integration, a vehicle has been acquired that favors the education of those people with difficulties (physical or psychological), which would entail a greater risk in their movements and that nevertheless require that it be facilitated the education necessary to do insurance. The two-seater kart is making this directed learning much easier for people with special needs.

2020/21 school year data

This course, highly conditioned by the measures and Covid situation, the IX Cycling Days are held, having counted, (despite the difficulties for out-of-school outings), with numerous requests from the educational centers that have trusted El Center for Road Safety Education, and they have not interrupted their assistance. The participation throughout the IX Editions of Cycling Days is a total of 9,352 students.

This 2020/2021 school year will be taught at:

  • 22 Schools
  • 44 Groups
  • 951 Participants

Renovación CEV Granada

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