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Urban bus modernization

raquel ruz buses modernization

The Mayor of Granada starts the implementation of a new payment system in urban buses with contactless financial cards or mobile phones.



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The Mayor of Granada starts the implementation of a new payment system in urban buses that soon will allow users to pay the ticket simply touching with their financial cards or mobile phones with integrated financial cards vending device installed in all vehicles.

The councellor of Citizen´s Protection and Mobility of the Mayor of Granada, has informed today that local government, through Alsa, the urban transport operator company in the city, has begun the process to upgrade public transport payment system in a fist phase, that has already begun, which deadline is the end of the month, and will change in all public buses current vending machines and ticketing system of the fleet, installing a new ones newest generation and intuitive devices.

new validating machines granada

Accompanied by the director of Alsa Mediterranean district, Valeriano Díaz, Ruz Peis has remarked that this new system has added a laptop design where operations easier to identify, because now it was a memorization process, so funcionality will be improved and errors will be reduced as well, said, and after that remarked that efficiency will be improved both in funcionality and purchase of tickets, recharge of bus pass, liquidity control, data submission and positioning.

Also is going to be installated a new validating machine at the entrance of each bus on the left side, much more faster and with the most advanced technology, so access to the bus would be easier with contactless technology while other user can charge bus pass or purchase a new bus pass.

nuevas validadoras granada

The councellor has advanced that, once the installation of this payment system ir finished, the Mayor wants to incorporate a newestand more secure version of technology in payment incluiding EMV payment (Europa MasterCard Visa) that applied to public transport allow to travel with contactless technology using financial cards or mobile phones with integrated fiantial cards applications.

As the councellor says, the Mayor of Granada takes a step forward decisivo in modernization of public transport in the city that will improve both efficiency and quality in urban transport, and also she is really proud of the the progress that the encouragement of use of this service has been made as a more healthy, sustainable and respectful transport to the environment.

new validating machines granada


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