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10 more bycicle parking places

Bycicle parking Granada

The Major of Granada install 10 new bycicle parking places around different places in the city. This makes a parking network for 3.000 bycicles in the city.



The Major of Granada has installated ten new bycicle parking lots in some locations around the city, reaching to 3.000 parking places, one thousand installated last year. This initiative, as the major Francisco Cuenca has explainded, answer to the effort of government team to improve quality of air, and besides encourage the use of bycicle, there have been added 40 hybrid technology vehicles zero emissions to bus fleet these last years to reduce pollution.

To this end, as the major said, the City Council is arranging every needed resouce. At first hours in the morning we were presenting new green areas in different squares in the city, now we make a move on sustainable mobility putting up, along this week, ten new bycicle parking places, around all the city.

In this sense, Cuenca remembered that since this government team get to City Hall, the encouragement to boost non pollution mobility means of transport has been continous. Proof of it, added, is that last year has been installed almost a thousand new bycicle parking places, added to 2.000 already existing, made a parking network for more than 3.000 bycicles.

At present Granada has 40 non pollution vehicles, among hybrid technology and electric, in the bus fleet; we have installed electric scooters and we are conducting several measures aimed to low emmission zone,has remarked. In the end, we keep going forward in one of main bets of the City Hall, improvement of quality of air .

Parking bycicle Paseo de los Tristes Granada

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