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Road works in the summer of 2023

cuesta alhacaba road works

During the summer season 2023 take place several road works that affect mobility: Rector López Argüeta, Cuesta Alhacaba, Reyes Católicos, etc.


Renovation of Rector López Argüeta St.

During 3 months and due to the rehab of the street, traffic will be closed in Rector López Argüeta St. and sense of direction will change in Gran Capitán St., from June 19 2023. More info at info.

Rearrangement of traffic

Rearrangement of traffic in the surroundings of Rector López Argüeta St.

Update: From July 7, it is allowed to turn left from Fuente Nueva St. to Plaza Albert Einstein for residents in the surroundings of Rector López Argüeta St.

Public transport

Bus lines N5 and 25 modify their itinerary due to works:

  • Bus line 25, at avenida Fuente Nueva, turns right through Melchor Almagro St., and returns to usual itinerary at Emperatriz Eugenia.
    So, service will be suspended in stops (407) Avda. de Fuente Nueva 5 and (411) San Juan de Dios 7.
  • Bus line N5 does not get down through Severo Ochoa, will follow through Avenida de la Constitución to roundabout in Triunfo and returns to original itinerary.
    Service will be suspended in stops: Severo Ochoa - Fuente Nueva, Severo Ochoa - Comedores Universitarios, Severo Ochoa - Rector López Argüeta, San Juan de Dios 12 and San Juan de Dios 36. Now, gives service bus stop at Avda. Constitución 7.


Access to public parking in San Juan de Dios will be from Gran Capitán St. while works allow itmientras el desarrollo de la obra lo permita.

Parking San Juan de Dios

Renovation of access control points in Albaicín

Más info. During the summer of 2023 is going to be performed the renovation of new control access retractible bollards to improve service, so they will be dowbn until September, incluído.

During works of the renovation of this installation will be alternative pass of vehicles in San Luis or Pagés, or traffic cut in Elvira or Reyes Católicos streets.

Schedule of cuts:

Reyes Católicos closed to traffic

Renovation of Cuesta Alhacaba

Traffic cut in cuesta Alhacaba, carril de la Lona and Cruz de Arqueros from July 31 to August 27 2023. Check the Authorization decree.

During this stage, access of residents of the high part of Cta. de Alhacaba, Larga de San Cristóbal, the area of Carril de la Lona, Zenete and Placeta San Miguel Bajo should be done through access control point in Pagés.

To ease access of residents to the area of San Miguel Bajo, Zenete and Carril de la Lona must be allowed double sense of circulation, regulated by portable traffic lights, in Sta. Isabel la Real St.(between Pilar Seco St. and Placeta de San Miguel Bajo) and change to cyclical status permanently (no demand from the Health Care Center in Albayzin) in alternative pass in Callejón de las Tomasas (between Carril de las Tomasas and Cjón de Atarazana).

To ease the entrance of residents in sections with alternative pass, traffic sense will be inverted in Camino Nuevo de San Nicolás with exit sense of direction from Pilar Seco St. to Cjón. de las Tomasas.

Total traffic cut in crossroad of Cuesta Alhacaba, Cruz de Arqueros and Plaza de la Merced from August 28 to September 1.

Public transport

Bus lines C31 and C32 of public transport will be diverted through Carretera de Murcia.

File 40.080/22

Traffic cut, diversion through Cuesta Alhacaba - Carril de la Lona

More info about Refurbishment project in Cuesta Alhacaba and Placeta de la Merced. File 41.572/22. Until November 1st 2023.

Check more info about the rest of works at the website Traffic Cuts.


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