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Web browsers

In the Internet Explorer 9 and previous versions you could find visualization problems on the web site. Update your browser.

This web site has been tested with recent updates of Mozilla Firefox (40), Microsoft Edge (20), Google Chrome (45), Opera and Safari, with a very similar appearance and behaviour.

This web site has been developed with standard HTML5 and CSS3. Use Javascript technology on Google Maps, Openlayers, jQuery, that requires a new update of the browser.

Web Accessibility

Accesibility is a measure for disabled people to use a service.

When we talk about Web accesibility we refer to a web design focused on allow these people percieve, understand, navigate and interact with the Web.

Web accesibility includes many types of disabilities, as visual, hearing, physical, cognitive, neurological and speech.

There are million of people with disabilities that cannot use the Web. At present, most of these web sites and software Web have accesibility barriers, that complicates or prevents those disabled people to use the web and contribute in a efficiency way.

One of the Web Accesibility Initiative (WAI) is to develop guidelines and skills to give solutions accesible for software Web and the Web developersThe WAI guidelines are consider as international standards of Web accesibility.

More information about Web Accesibility.

This web site has been developed and configured to make possible navigation for all users, keeping in mind programming and using advanced techniques and guidelines of accesibility.

Measures highlights:

  • Explanation of the links destination (pointing out if the hyperlinks opens in another window or not)
  • Natural order of presentation of elements and sections on the screen (headline, contents, menú, foot notes)
  • Simplified navigation system, no unfolding menus
  • Correct change of the site without stile sheet (the structural format allows to see in a correct way all the contents)
  • Navigation without javascript
  • Flash contents elimination


According to the Spanish Laws, the public administrations web pages must fulfill the navigation and accesibility standards for disabled people. These standards are stablished by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) and are gathered in:

Design standards

There are web desings standards and some guidelines that every web site must adecuate to achieve accesibility regulations.The main target is to follow the regulations of the standards and the guidelines stablished:

  • Design of web contents with the standard XHTML.
  • Presentation based on the Cascade Style Sheets mechanism (CSS).
  • Web Accesibility Initiative (WAI).
  • Web Contents Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Accessibility guidelines

This web site achieve the following Web Contents Accesibility Guidelines:

  • Specifications required for XHTML 1.0 and CSS 2.1 according to indicated by the W3C.
  • The web content accessibility guidelines, reaching an AA accessibility level according to 1.0 version of the WCAG.
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