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Temporary reserved lanes for bikes, buses, taxis and motorized scooters

CRT - Temporary Reserved Lane (TRL)

There have been designed a number of Special Measures COVID19, aimed to ease the social distance, contribute foot displacements, bicycle and MPV, stregthen public transport and reducing use of private vehicles.

On the morning of 18 May 2020 has been presented this project that changes mobility in Granada. There have been created Temporary Reserved Lanes giving priority to Personal Mobility Vehicles and Bicycles, in main roads of the city, with Public Transport (urban buses and taxis), limited to 30km/h. This new mobility in Granada joins security and substainibility, giving pedestrians more space.

Check on the Edict Board at the whole text of the Decree of Measures designed to ease social distances and contribute foot displacements.

Creation of a Bike-PMV lane network to be implemented immediatly.

To reduce risk of infection of COVID19 on displacements of population, same as the Pedestrian Lanes Network for foot displacements, its been designed a Immediate Temporary Bike-PMV lane network to ease this kind of displacements at the expense of private vehicles and , at the same time, improve environmental quality and Road Safety in the city.

Once al Exceptional Measures for Mobility COVID19 are taken, implementation date will be on Monday 18/5/20 because it is scheduled date for the de-escalating phase 1 in the COVID19 Outbreak.

This network for bicycles and PMV, besides including bicycle lanes and bus-bike lines existing, have Temporary Reserved Lanes (TRL) and Cyclestreets.

Temporary Reserved Lane

In roads with more than one lane in each direction, as in Camino de Ronda, Joaquina Eguaras, Arabial (towards Chana), Francisco Ayala Avenue or paseo Emperador Carlos V, will be implemented TRL to ease mobility of PMV, bikes, taxis and urban buses.

Señalización CRT

Down below we detail its implementation with signaling:

At the beginning , we will find a vertical sign that indicates speed limit to 30km/h on the right lane, and temporary reservation of this lane for personal mobility vehicles, bicycles, taxis and urban buses.
Private vehicles must circulate on the left lane.

The TRL will be signalled with a solid yellow line on the left side of the original road signalling (except on crossings, where it will be discontinous line).
Also, when right lane, the TRL lane, have parking spaces on the right, there will be marked with a broken line one meter width to indicate bicycles or PMV´s the way to circulate for their own security, to become visible and avoid the cars parked when opening their doors.

crt granada crt granada

CRT Camino de Ronda VMPCRT Camino de Ronda Coches

CRT Camino de Ronda marcas vialesseñal vertical CRT Camino de Ronda

In roads that do not have two or more senses of circulation and are included in this network for bicycles and personal mobility vehicles, will be implemented cyclostreets, to ease coexistence of all vehicles in the road and speed limited to 30km/h.

This measure could be find in Carretera de la Sierra.


Measures included in the decree will be implemented on Monday 18 May 2020 for two weeks.


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