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School Transportation

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School Transportation

General instructions about School Routes

Download PDF document General Instructions about School Routes [23KB].

Competences: Competences for the treatment of authorization files of school transport depend on itineraries:

  • Urban itineraries in the city of Granada: City Council of Granada.
  • Interurban itineraries: Councelling of Housing and Promotion of Junta de Andalucía.

Urban School Transport (Granada City)

1. Applications: To obtain autorizathion of the City Council of Granada to use routes and stops for school transport, as long as full itinerary goes in the municipality of Granada, will be indispensable to complete an specific form togheter with a route listing -as many as are requested for an educational center- following specific instructions attached. Also applicants must attach additional documents set out in law.

Applications process will be done according to Law 39/2015, 1 October, of Common Public Administrative Procedure.

2. Application deadline: Applications submitted in the General Registry of the Exellency City Council of Granada until 30 September of the current year will be authorized at the first day of the school year. Applications submitted after that day will come into force the day of submittance.

3. Timetables: Number plates of authorized vehicles will be incorporated, if necessary, to database of access control only for those routes shown on the file and the time slot needed to cover the itineraries of formal or non formal school transport.

4. Documents: Attached to the application form and the route listing must be submitted in each file the following documents:

  • Copy of the service contract signed with the Educational Center or Delegation of Education of Junta de Andalucía.
  • Technical sheet of the vehicles with their number plate clearly visible and characteristics of themselves.
  • Transport Card of each vehicle.
  • Civil Liability Insurance, enough and necessary for the activity performed, according to law.
  • If any of the number plate added to the file is due to a cooperation agreements with one or more transport company/ies, must attach copy of that/those agreement/s.

5. Requirement to verify by the Administration:

  • Ownership of vehicles: It will be verified that the applicant of that file is the owner of the vehicles requiring authorization -certified by the Dirección General de Tráfico- or that the ownership belongs to a company with a cooperation agreement.
  • MOT and insurance: Vehicles must have in force the MOT and compulsory insurance of the vehicle.

7. Itinerary enlargement: If during school year carrier addes new routes with the same educational center must declare it in an specific application(the very same used the first time to ask for authorization)specifying file reference number and attaching the same documents and requirements(only have to submit those documents not already added to that file).

8. Change of vehicles: Must use standarized application form choosing the corresponding box, with the “requirement of change of vehicles” stablished for the purpose (application must be attached by as many forms as routes affected by the change of vehicles), attaching technical sheet and transport card of substituted vehicles. That change must be properly proved (fleet renovation, suspension, new necessities, number of seats, ramps, etc.)

Interurban School Transport (Access Control)

Competences for the processing of authorization files of interurban school transport belongs to the Councelling of Promotion and Housing of Junta de Andalucía. However, in those routes that need to get through restricted accesses points or specially protected lanes in the city, carriers must request the City Council of Granada, authorization to get into those areas and/or lanes, respecting characteristics of vehicles stablished in the current Ordinance as well.

1. Applications:

To proceed authorizations through restricted areas and/or specially protected lanes, will be indispensable to fulfill specific forms to that effect and also road maps -as many as requested for an educational center- following the instructions . Also applicants must provide additional documents according to law.

Authorizations will be proceeded according to Law 39/2015, 1st October, of the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations.

2. Application deadline: Applications submitted in the General Registry of the City Council of Granada until 30 September of the current year will be processed efectiveness when school year begins. Applications submitted after that date will be efectiveness on submission date.

3. Schedules: Number plates of authorized vehicles will be added to the access control database only for those routes shown in the file and in the time band needed to make school and after-school itineraries.

4. Documentation: Together with specific application form (Access control for interurban school transport in Granada city) and road maps of school transport (as many as may be authorized), fulfilled following the Instructions to complete return trip road maps, transport companies must submit in each file the following documents:

  • Copy of the Application form of the service of passenger transportation of special use with entry register in the Housing and Development Counselling of Junta de Andalucía.
  • Technical card of vehicles, where must be clearly defined number plate and characteristics of vehicles.

Instructions to complete return trip road maps

Download in PDF the document with thes Instructions to complete Road Maps [17KB].

1. Location of stops: Each stop will be identifyed with the type, name and number of the street, without reference to commercial/ hostel spaces, able to use for a better acknowledgement the location of monuments and/or, of needed, code and/or name of bus stops of Collective Urban Transport.

Valid examples.-

Gran Vía de Colón nº 5 (Cathedral)
Fernando de los Ríos av (Bus stop 305)

Non-Valid examples.-

Carretera de la Sierra (Bus stop next to pharmacy)
c/ Arabial (in front of supermarket)

2. Stop command and transits: Stops must have a sequential order following the sense of circulation, specifying also the transit route (transits), even though there is no stop in that point. It will be added a comprehensive squeme of the itinerary.

3. Schedules: Estimated time of stops must follow a sequential orden and consistent with time needed to make routes (transits). In case of several schedules in the same section on return trips, must be specified separated by oblique strokes.



Stop/TransitLocationEstimated hour/s
OrigenRecogidas (parada bus nº 524)8:00 / 8:30 /...
Tránsitoc/Reyes Católicos8:01 / 8:31 /...
1c/ Pavaneras (Parada bus nº 1478)8:05 / 8:35 /...
DestinoCentro Educativo... (recinto interior)...


Stop/TransitLocationEstimated hour/s
OrigenCentro Educativo... (recinto interior)14:00 / 14:30 /...
1Plaza del Realejo (Parada bus nº 546)14:01 / 14:31 /...
Tránsitoc/ Molinos14:02 / 14:32 /...
Destinoc/ Recogidas (Parada bus nº 523)...

4. Schoolchilds: Must be especified maximum number of schoolchilds per trip, considering different schedules of OUTBOUND and INBOUND trips.

5. Vehicles: Maximum number of students will determine number of authorized vehicles:

  • One bus each 50/55 students or section (26-50)
  • One minibus each 25 students

Also will be authorized- in each trip- an additional 20% of replacement vehicles in case of breakdown or inspection of the holder vehicle (at least one bus/minibus).

No authorization will be given without the submission , with the application of school transport, of required documents.

6. File modifications: In case of increasement of number of routes/students of the center of that file, the company have to submit an application form as the first time and fulfilling same requirements, making specifid reference to that file, that would be changed due to new conditions.

7. Routes through restricted access. Specially protected lanes: According to article 12 of the Regulatory Ordinance of Restricted Access Areas and Specially Protected Lanes in the city of Granada, approved by the Excellency City Council plenary of 21 February 2014 (BOP nº 48 of 13 March 2014), when routes go totally or partially through restricted areas of the city, buses have to fulfill the following measures (art.12 section 1, 2 y 3):

Albaicin Area:
- Maximum width .... 2.05 m
- Maximum length .... 7.50 m

Realejo and City Center:
- Maximum width .... 2.20 m
- Maximum length .... 7.50 m

Recogidas area:
- Maximum width .... 2.20 m
- Maximum length* .... 14.00 m

* According to article 12.4 of Municipal Ordinance

Based on articles 2 and 9 of the Regulatory Ordinance of Restricted Areas and Specially Protected Lanes in the city of Granada, circulation in specially protected lanes, reserved for urban public transport of passengers, may be used for school transport circulation and stops, with the exception of bus lane, that have several guidelines:

  • When existing another lane in the same sense of circulation, school buses must circulate through it, taking bus lane just to make necessary stops and previously authorized.
  • When bus lane is the only one in that sense of direction, school buses can circulate through it, school buses can circulate under no circumstances can make stops.

Application forms

You can find a listing with autofillable forms on PDF in the section Impresos / Movilidad at

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