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Metropolitan transport

Public collective intercity transport, connections to metropolitan area thorugh buses and line 1 light rail Project in Granada.

Metropolitan transport

You can get whole information about metropolitan public transport in Granada area in Metropolitan public transport Consortium of Granada webpage.


Plano consorcio

Useful Information

You can call by telephone using the number of CTAGR (Consorcio de Transporte Metropolitano. Área de Granada - Metropolitan public transport Consortium of Granada) 902 450 550.


LRT Proyect in Granada

The Metro of Granada will go by Albolote, Maracena, Granada and Armilla.

The Metro of Granada is a LRT (Light Rail Transit). Its route, 15.9 Km. and 26 metro stations, go through the North-South axis of metropolitan area of Granada. The estimated duration of journey, from every head, is 45 minutes approx.

Thought as a surface conveyance in most of its route (83% total route), underground part go by entirely in the city of Granada. Underground stretch in under Camino de Ronda and America Avenue.

See Metro Line 1 of Granada in a larger map

Line 1 description

Summary data of Granada Metro
Work init April 2007
Length (m.) 15.923,30 m.
Length of surface stretch 13.186,01 m. (83%)
Lenght of underground stretch 2.737,29 m. (17%)

Info about Granada Metro

If you have some question or complaint, you must go to Junta de Andalucía offices in 44 Arabial street or phone 902 934 964 or 958 275 122.

Road Safety

Tu metro ya está aquí

Tu metro ya está aquí


Fares of Line 1 [26/07/2017].

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