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Some of the campaignes made by the CEV are:

Cyclist municipal regulation

Municipal ordinance on the circulation of pedestrians, bicycles and personal mobility vehicles

Campaña novedades DGT

Campaña novedades DGT

Campaña novedades DGT

By Bike with Safety in Granada

Movilidad senior, el camino de todos

From the 15 to 19 September 2014 on the terrace of Palacio de Congresos host a mobile classroom for elderly people to raise awareness about Road Safety..

City Council of Granada: Mobility and Citizens Protection Area – Social Welfare, RACE and Liberty Insurances.

Date: Week from 15 to 19 September.

Schedule: Morning arranged with different Care homes for elderly people. Afternoons free admitance to all grenadines/as

Site:Terrace of Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos of Granada.

On the occasion and anticipating the European Week of Mobiity, this morning has been inaugurated the campaign Movilidad Senior, el camino de todos presented by the Deputy Major and council of Mobility Dª. Telesfora Ruiz parte del Ayuntamiento por la Teniente Alcalde Delegada de Movilidad Dª. Telesfora Ruiz and the council of Social Welfare D. Fernando Egea, as well as D. Jesús A. González, responsible of Road Safety of Liberty Insurance, and D. Tomás Santa Cecilia, Director of Road Safety of RACE .

Presentation of Granada Elderly and Road Safety 2014

Justification of the Campaign

It is a reality that our society is changing: the life expectancy has been increased and birth rate has been reduced, so this means a progressive aging of population. Estimations expect that in 2050 almost the 30% of population will be octogenarian.

But aging does not mean apathy or inactivity... but the contrary, this is the aim of the active aging so much spoken about at the present time from all instituions and entities that work with old people: elderly have a very important role in society and are part of the education in a very important stage of life, childhood. Mobility has became in a general level in a crucial sign of the level of quality in our society, with a great importance of elderly because of the constant neccesities of moving and active participation in everyday life. An example of this is the percentage of elderly with driving license( 12% of the driver´s census), number of passengers and pedestrians.

This increase of elderly´s mobility, qualified as positive, come attach with consequences:the greatest risk of being involved in an accident.

The EU, the DGT and the City Council of Granada have as primary target prevent and reduce urban accidents and mainly the elderly´s. The 57% of mortal accident occur in the cities while from 2003 to 2012 casualties on inter – city roads have decreased (67%), on urban roads this decrease, has been much less (39%)

In the city of Granada the incidence of elderly in accidents is high although compared with 2012 in the last year 2013 have decreased the casualties on accident. Of the 4 deceased in 2013, 3 of them were older than 70 years old.

The City Council of Granada, through the Educational Road Safety Center, not only have teached Educational Road Safety to children and young people, as traditionally, but in view that elderly is another risk group because their physical,cognitives, motor and/or affective skills, have to recycle to learn how to compensate them, making displacements as drivers, pedestrians or passengers safer and less risky .

Granada Mayores y Seguridad Vial 2014

Educational Road Safety is very important at these stages, because even though there is a time to get a driving license, there is no age to remove it and this must be balanced with medical and psychological check – ups, and recycling educational programmes to adapt to the new updates and change that society sets up and we ALL have to be recycled for.

Workshops organised and materials procured.

The activity consist in an informative presentation at the classroom, with the projection of videos to show the risky behaviours of pedestrians and elderly drivers and the way to balance them.

After that, outside, on informative pannels there are shown every kind of advices to make their journeys safer.Also, there are exposed several Child Retention devices so elderly will be traffic educators to their grandsons

As special novelty, brought from the EEUU is shown a suit to feel the special difficulties of elderly people to drive, both in motor and sensorial level, being very useful to arise conciousness in a general level.

When the programme finish, documentation will be given on the part of the Local Road Safety Center and the RACE – Liberty Insurance.

Granada Elderly and Road Safety 2014

Granada Mayores y Seguridad Vial 2014

Road Safety Campaing for Elderly

Every age has its risks. Eldery. Problems with risks for road safety


Rescue sheet

An useful tool to improve rescue in traffic accidents

  • Up to the 63% of all the problems that the rescue team could find (identify the car, batteries, safety cushion and extraction) can be reduced with this initiative
  • The RACC office in Granada has precise information

Granada, May 15th 2012.- RACC, the largest automobile club in Spain, to encourage road safety and reduce the seriousnessin traffic accidents, presents, along with the Road Safety Center Project "Rescue sheet". In this presentation, Mrs. Telesfora Ruiz, Representative of the Citizens Protection and Mobility Area, and Mrs. Sonia Menacho, Representative of the RACC Fundation in Andalusia, have explained the benefits for drivers to have a rescue sheet in their cars, and have seen a simulation of an uncage (rescue) of a victim in a traffic accident. This initiative, that has the cooperation with the Fire Squad, Local Police, 061, Civil Defence and the 112, allow the oficial cars to have a rescue sheet, an so the Representative of the Citizens Protection and Mobility area has been given the indicatives.

Rescue Sheet, essential for drivers

Rescue Sheet is a file card for the rescue squads when they have to attend a victim in a traffic accident. Thanks to this card, that shows all the necessary technical information of the vehicle in a very visual way, the rescue teams can act quickly and safety.

The main target of the Rescue Sheet is to ease the rescue (uncage) of the traffic injured in the mínimum time and with the máximum guarantees.To have a Rescue Sheet allows the rescue squad to:

  • Determine manufacturer and concrete model of the vehicle
  • Know the critical points to open a car and get the injured out

Example of Rescue Sheet

Example of Rescue Sheet

Target: fast and secure rescues

Safety cushions, reinforced bodywork, ABS, ESC... Today cars are safer than 10 years before. New and future propulsion systems, as hybrid, electric, hydrogen, natural gas contribute vehicles to be more respectful with the environment. Also, this sophistications retard the rescue teams, because in case of a serious accident, if before it took 10 minutes to take the injured out of the car, now it could be longer. It is recommended that the time between the accident and the arrival of the injured to the hospital to be less than an hour, to guarantee a high survival level. So, it is vital to remove quickly the injured from the vehicle.

Length of the rescue by age of the car

The rescue time of an injured increases with the complexity of the vehicle and the lack of information that the rescue squads have.

Main identifying problems in the rescue

Manufacturer, Model, Year of manufacturing

In a 25% of rescues the manufacturer is not identified or wrong identified, in a 45% the model, and in a 65% the year of fabrication.

Up to the 63% of the problems that the rescue team may find could be reduced with the Rescue Sheet (identify the vehicle, batteries, security cushions and extraction).

What do rescue teams need?

Clear and precise information of the vehicle they are working on: where the power line components are, where the charges of the security cushions are, what kind of fuel does it use, what are the best breakeable points of the bodywork, etc.

Mortality in traffic accident, by time:

1ª phase: Happens in the first minutes or seconds after the accident. It makes the 10% of all the dead.Because severe injures of the central nervous system or breakage of big vessels. It is very difficult even imposible to avoid this.

2ª phase: The Golden Hour, because it happens normally during the first hour after the accident. It makes the 75% of mortality. These deads are because of the obstruction of the airways or blood loss. This is the phase where we can avoid most of the deads thanks to a proper medical assistance.

3ª phase: It happens days or weeks before the incident. It makes a 15% of mortality in traffic accidents. It is because of complications after the first treatments (multiorganic failure, postoperative complications, etc). It is necessary a big effort and resources to reduce mortality in this phase.

What does the RACC propose?

  • The car must have the technical information itself
  • To have a standard and visual aspect, easy to use to any rescue or security squad
  • That the user add this information in his vehicle

Result: rescue sheet

Where can you get it?

Rescue Sheet

What does the user have to do?

  • Print in A-4 format the sheet corresponding to his vehicle (exact type, model and year of fabrication)
  • Bend the sheet in three and put it sunshade on the driver side
  • Put the informative stick in the windscreen, so the rescue teams know they have this information available.

Hoja de Ruta

Rescue Sheet Presentation

On the 15th of May 2012 at 11 hours a.m. between Fuente de las Granadas and Humilladero Square (in front of the Municipal Library) there is a simulation and presentation.

Citizen Protection and Mobility Department. Educational Safety and Road Safety Center.

Take part:
Fire Squad, Municipal Police, 112, 061 and Civil Defence.

RACC Diptych

Some pictures of the event:

Foto 1 Rescue sheet Granada Foto 2 Rescue sheet Granada

Foto 3 Rescue sheet Granada Foto 4 Rescue sheet Granada


Take care of your eyes, they drive too

The City Council makes a road safety campaing based on the eyes care.

Presentation of the campaign in Plaza del Carmen

A report of the RACE and the Alain Afflelou Foundation advise that one of each four spaniards drive under their visual faculties.

The City Council in Granada, through the Mobility Area and its Representative Mrs. Telesfora Ruiz, has made a road safety campaing base don the eyes care, coinciding with this season with more sun hours and a larger number of displacements.

A report of the RACE and the Alain Afflelou Foundation, cooperative entities, advise that one of each four spaniards drive under their visual faculties; that six millions of drivers have some visual deficiency; that a 11% have some kind of driving incident because they don´t see well; that the 33% of andalusians don´t protect from the sun when driving and the 10% never protect from the sun. This report shows that one of each four drivers in Andalusia suffered a serious dazzle situation and the 75% don´t know about the damage of ultraviolet radiations. These data shows that a 38% drivers consider a high risk to drive facing the sun, situation that cause high levels of fatigue in a 30%, and it is the fourth cause of mortality in the roads.

The City Council and both fundations will give 30.000 informative leaflets for drivers to extreme security measures, in general way, and during the largest sun radiation hours in particular. Increase the security distance , drive slowlier when facing the sun or at the entrance or exit of a tunnel, and always protect the eyes with the proper glasses are some of the main advises for a correct driving.

The experts David Martín, from Alain Afflelou Foundation, and Juan Antonio Sánchez, from RACE, recommend to use lenses with suncreen below 4th category and grey glasses(respect the natural colors)or polarized glasses to avoid reflections; wear graduated sunglasses if needed; don´t stop abruptly if dazzle even if you wear sunglasses and have annual eyes revisions.


Drivers are one of the collectives more exposed to sun radiations, that may affect both their visual health and Road Safety. It is stimated that more than 5 million drivers have a severe risk dazzle situation when driving.

Risk situations

To deal with this problem and make aware users, Alain Afflelou Foundation and the RACE, made a the report "Visual protection when driving", where ocular damages due to sun radiations are analysed, and also the main risks in traffic accidents due to dazzle.

Vision and Driving

Also, "Take care of your eyes, they drive too" campaign, will be developed across Spain during the summer to make drivers aware of a good ocular protection.

Importance of visual protection

Although we have natural ways to protect from the sun, as the pupil concentration or blinking, those doesn´t actívate with invisible radiation:

  • Ultraviolet Rays (UV)
  • Infrared Rays (IR)

A long exposure to these radiations, without a proper protection, rises severe ocular problems.

Drivers's protection habits

The study "Visual protection when driving" made by the RACE and Alain Afflelou Foundation between more that 2400 drivers shows that the 45% doesnt´t use sunglasses, and one of each four drivers have suffered a severe risk situation due to dazzle when driving.

More info in RACE webpage.



The RACC and Granada City Council presents campaing E-driving for a sostenible mobility.

It starts in September 2009 with 40 urban appointments and a bus rotulation.

Edriving campaign presentation Mupi in edriving campaign Mupi in edriving campaign Bus in edriving campaign Mupi in edriving campaign Mupi in edriving campaign Bus in edriving campaign

Announcement (PDF - 413.3Kb)


Informative Campaign: Drive safety with motorcycle

In Granada, everybody can teach. Always use the helmet. Drive safety. Respect traffic signs. Slow the noise Fashion the fastened helmet, fashion the safety in the motorcycles


Alcohol – Motorcyclist Test

Fun with safety. Stop alcohol Motorcyclist Test


"In itinere" routes

Do not make homecoming a tragedy



Drive, but care your environment. Avoid air pollution, chemical and noise. In Granada


Campaign: Use of the bus

Uso del autobús Uso del autobús


Campaign: Use of the bus - Free time - Night bus

Búho. Servicio Nocturno de Transporte. 900 710 900
Búho. Servicio Nocturno de Transporte. 900 710 900
Búho. Servicio Nocturno de Transporte. 900 710 900 Búho. Servicio Nocturno de Transporte. 900 710 900


Printed Documents:

Calendars, folders, book markers and diaries

Almanaque 2005 Carpetas Separadores
Agenda 2004 Agenda 2005


Messages from Celebrities

Miguel Ríos Paquillo Fernández


Drawing contests for schoolchilds: Once upon a time a bus

Back of a bus. Once upon a time a bus. Drawing contest. Improve the road safety in Granada. Side of a bus. Once upon a time a bus. Drawing contest. Improve the road safety in Granada. Finalist drawing

Once upon a time a bus. In Granada. More safety in your displacements

Competition rules


Every schoolchild of any educational center in Granada that go to the Educational Road Safety courses of Granada City Council can join this competition.

Competition theme

Competition slogan will be: Improve Road Safety in Granada: Buses, Cycles, Pedestrian... Give your ideas.


Original and unknown work could be drawings, comics, photograps, poetry etc in these categories:

Single works: 4 Primary / 2 E.S.O.

Team works: 4 Primary / 2 E.S.O.


The prizes will be ruled by a jury maked up by personalities of the Educational and Security Road Safety of Granada City Council, Traffic County Dept. and Transportes Rober S.A., and the president of the jury will be the Mobility Area Representative in the City of Granada.

Submiting time

All the works will be submmited in the Educational and Road Safety Center in Granada City Council (Huerta del Rasillo) till the end of may.

Every participant or team will submmit their work due to stablished rules, and fillin in all your personal data (clear, with pen and horizontal sense).

Property and acceptance

Educational and Road Safety Center in Granada City Council will keep all the works, and it may publish, issue or repeat them as it wish, always in an educational way.

To join the competition imply to accept the rules.


Prizes will be a exchangeable voucher in one of the Granada shopping center in this way:

Primary 2 ESO
1. Single prize 300 euros 300 euros
2. Single prize 180 euros 180 euros
1. Team prize 480 euros 480 euros
2. Team prize 360 euros 360 euros

Prize to the School with more quantity and quality works submmited: school material and resources voucher.


The jury decisión will be unappealable, will be during June, and the schools and the prize winners will be informed by phone.

Prizes will be given in the Granada City Council before the end of the present year. The prize winners must appear, otherwise the reserve will recieve the prize.


Valuation criteria will be from 0 to 10 attending to these points:

  1. Originality
  2. Presentation
  3. Quality and harmony of the drawings or photographs
  4. Comprehension of the contest theme
  5. Messages
  6. Other criteria

Prizes will be given between those who have higher puntuation, if tie, the Tribunal will decide. Each category will have a reserve.

For the best educational centre prize will value quality and involvement of the works.

Rules of the contest

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