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Road Safety: News

Latest News about Road Safety. Traffic laws.

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Road Safety: News

Here we present a resume of relevant news concerning to Education and Road Safety, traffic rules, etc.


UGR researchers design videos to train awareness of danger and reduce the number of traffic accidents.

The National Department of Traffic (DGT) will use as educational complement from its web site this material, developed by technicians, belonging to the Researchment Centre Mind, Brain and Behaviour (CIMCYC).

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Traffic runs an informative campaign to raise awareness about the use of alternative transports to the car. .

"Every day the same day" "Muévete con conciencia" is the slogan of the campaign.

Encourages citizens to move with responsibility and awareness and to change car for bicycle, public transport or even on foot when possible.

It has been created a digital platform where user can join a contest to create their own customized model of alternative mean of transport(bike, bus and trainers).

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A research reveals that pedestrians feel safer in streets illuminated with white lights.

This research of the University of Granada, published on Safety Science Magazine, has analised the perception of safety and comfort that pedestrians have when walking around in streets with different kinds and levels of illumination This investigation was based on the opinion of 275 pedestrians of Granada.

This investigations proves that pedestrians have more response in some questions of a test when illumination level are higher and/or lighst are "yellow-sodium",even when the sensation of safety is higher when white lights.

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