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City Council sign an agreement to introduce free transfer between Light Rail and urban buses

Signing agreement transfer granada

With this agreement Granada becomes the first and only city in Andalusia to ease free transfer for passengers of Light Rail and urban buses in the municipal area of Granada

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Merry Christmas on Bike, allied to improve Mobility in Granada: Take care of it

Project STARS Granada 2017

During this course, has been joined project STARS two new educational centers: CEP Arrayanes and IES Ángel Ganivet.

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Elderly and Road Safety Meetings

Meetings Red Cross Elderly 2017

Elderly wave goodbye the last quarter of the year talking about Road Safety.

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Free transfer between Light Rail and urban buses

Light Rail in Granada

This brand new system of fares will come into force in 8 weeks using the Metropolitan Consortium of Transport card and will be operative only in the municipal area of Granada.

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New bicycle sharing service with non fixed parking places

Ofo in Granada

Granada move forward towards a substainable mobility with a new service of a thousand shared bicycles with non fixed parking places.

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Brand new bicycle rental service

Obike in Granada

Granada gets further in substainable mobility with a brand new bicycle rental service. 250 bicycles can be rented at any point of the city through an app.

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XVI Motorbike Conferences and VII Conferences Coexistence with Bikes

Motorbike Bicycle Conferences 2017

On 24, 25 and 26 October 2017 celebrated at the Educational Center in Road Safety these conferences of motorbikes and bicycles.

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International Day of Elderly People

Elderly 2017 Granada

On the morning of 3 October, in Plaza del Carmen, the Center of Road Safety of the City Council of Granda, Red Cross and the Official School of Psychology celebrate the Day of Elderly People.

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To school on Bike

Bicycle intercenters meeting

The Major thanks educational centers in Granada their involvement to achieve a substainable mobility.

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New schedule of bollard access control point

Bollard control access point in Pagés

Due to security reasons, there is an additional control to the one stablished in the municipal Ordinance in the bollard access control point of Elvira, Reyes Católicos, San Luis and Pagés.

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