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3 June - Bicycle World Day

Bicycles have their own space in Granada

On 3 June 2020 we celebrate in Granada the Bicycle World Day, declared by the General Assembly of the United Nations.


The UN has promulgate the 3rd of June the Bicycle World Day, to promote the use of this substainable and healthy, and to arise conciousness about pollution and climate change that our planet is experiencing.

The city of Granada, after Covid19, has taken aware of the great change that present world is claming and has bet categorical for a city more habitable and designed to use alternative substainable ways of displacements where micromobility and foot displacements are going to be crucial to improve quality of life and the air we deserve for the city.

Planned measures, many of them already implemented, to create this new model of mobility, are:

  • Enlargement of cyclist infrastructure: there have been increased from 39 km to 111 km of cyclist lanes, some of them exclusive use and other shared use, depending on the type of road of the city.
  • TRL Camino de Ronda TRL Camino de Ronda

  • Increasement of pedestrian areas.
  • Educational encouragement of the use of bicycles: in a general way for all educational stages and specific through Ciclyst workshops for different sectors of the population.
  • Awareness campaign so coexistence among all can be possible in our, sometimes, our reduced road network
  • Installation of cycle stands in public areas and official centers.
  • Cycle stands Mondragones

  • Connection with Metropolitan Area

bike lane river genil

Granada joins the celebration of the Bicycle World Day, bet on it as way of displacement that, not only has benefits for the city, but for physical and psycological people´s health (reduce stress, avoids sedentary lifestyle and obesity; it benefits our organism).

In the end, it is a completely substainable way of displacement and full of healty to bet in Granada, with an excellent response from all ages people of Granada.

Cyclists workshopsCyclists workshops

Bicycle space Granada

DGT Campaign: En bici, tu vuelta a la normalidad irá sobre ruedas.

Cyclist infrastructure in Granada

On the following map you can check cyclist network in Granada: cyclostreets, bike lanes and sidewalks, bus lanes, quiet traffic area and new TRL (Temporary Reserved Lanes), implemented on 18 May 2020, to encourage substainable mobility and public transport.

Map TRL Granada


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