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Cycle stands in schools

schools cycle stands granada 2021

The City Council of Granada makes a step forward in Sustainable Mobility installing cycle stands in 38 schools of the capital


The City Council move forward on its commitment for sustainable mobility installing new cycle stands ini schools of the capital. The initiative has been presented this morning in school Genil by the councellor of Mobility, César Díaz and the councellor of Education, Carlos Ruiz Cosano, with the principal of the school, Begoña Chacón. Everyone coincided in the necessity of creating safe infrastructure that make displacements of bicycle trustable, a way to move around the city.

As Díaz explained, with school Genil there are 38 school centers that joined this initiative, cooperating with the City Council in the implementation of these cycle stands that means 318 stands for schoolchilds and teacher´s use in their displacements. Some school centers have requested more stands, because there have been insufficient.

The councellor, has remarked the the great commitment of this government team for sustainable mobility and referred specially to the project Granada Green, where we embrace all actions we are arranging to favour pedestrian mobility, regain trust in public transport, increasing bus users and easing bicycle and PMVs mobility, he said.

The responsible of Mobility has reminded that the City Council has installated, in a year and a half, a 28.6% of cycle stands in the streets, increasing from 1.775 to 2.283, this means 508 more stands. And most important of all, and a main target of my delegation, is that inside buildings we have increased a 31.8% cycle stands, increasing from 270 in 2019 to 356 at present, which means 86 more stands, he explained.

To sum up, in the city, we have increased bicycle stands from 2.045 to 2.639, which means 594 more cycle stands and an increasement of a 29,04% just in a year and a half. Our commitment is to install 1.066 new cycle stands this year, being around 3.700 cycle stands, which represents aproximately a 81.18% more stands, has added.

After reminding that the target of this initiative is to gain trust in sustainable transport among school community in the city Díaz has remarked the need of teaching values in the adults of tomorrow. At school we are teached and educated in values as honesty, generosity or respect to others and i think that sustainability has much to do with these values we want to inculcate with this initiative.

In the same terms have talked Carlos Ruiz Cosano, who assured that children are aware that the future of cities implies foot displacements, the use of electric scooters and bicycles. They are creative and natural and see reality from another point of view that adults cannot see. So, the responsible of Education made a call upon adults to achieve a sustainable and clean city, and a better quality of air.

In the end, César Díaz said that this new infrastructure in schools centers has been associated with another initiative of the Educational Center in Road Safety of the City Council, the Bicycle Day, where we want to teach the use of bicycle in our displacements, as sustainable mean of transport, apart from it sport and recreational, ended.

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