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More accessible urban buses

duplicate ramps urban buses

The Major of Granada invests almost a million euros to duplicate ramps for disabled people in all their buses.


Source: - March 15 2023.

Urban buses in Granada will have two ramps to get in the bus for disabled people after the announcement of the Major of Granada the installation of a second manual ramp, which is added to the electric one existing, so in case the electril failures, the driver can activate the manual ramp which means a step forward in the improvement of universal accessibility in this service.

The councellor of Citizen´s Protection, Mobility and Economy, Raquel Ruz, has informed that this is a project that, with an investment of almost one million euros, 948.071 euros, financed by Fondos Next Generación, has the committment of municipal government to improve efficiency and quality of public transport in Granada, and also reminded that, as Moovit acknowledged, our city is the third spanish city with the best urban bus service both frequency and efficiency.

The councellor has made these statements in the presentation of the las two low emmission vehicles, one of them 100% electric and a hybrid vehicle with electric propulsion, added to 201 buses -26 microbuses- of the public transport fleet in Granada, 40 of them ecologic -6 electric and 34 hybrid- and its also expected a renovation along the next year with 28 more.

So, Valeriano Díaz, director of Alsa in the Mediterranean Area, has announced that it is due to include 18 new vehicles for the itineraries in the historic quarter, as the Albaicín, Sacromonte and Realejo, while the other 10 will be houndred per cent energy efficiency.
As he informed, these two brand vehicles thanks to its technology qualified as a rigth choice allow a reduction of 30 ton CO2 emmission to the atmosphere every year.

Ruz has highlighted that the Major of Granada makes a step forward in its commitment to improve quality of air, that means a problem that worries us and is a task that hands, with measures that means a great effort, among them has highlighted, the incorporation of 40 new low emmission buses, less polluting and more efficiency , has said.

Also, she had reminded the application on the part of the Major of Granada, with the cooperation of the Spanish Government, of economic bonus to encourage public transport with a reduction of ticket fare in different buss passes.

This local government, in a time such as this is of energetic crisis, makes a step forward and take on this finance cost, because we want everybody to have the option and choose urban transport for being more comfortable and efficiency, but also more economic for grenadines when travelling around the city, has argued.

More sustainable and more quality

The new electric bus, twelve meters long, Mercedes Benz, contributes to reduce noise contamination in the city thanks to electric technology noise both in and out of the vehicle is almost imperceptible.

Buses endowed with low floor, have double manual-electric ramp and place for two disabled people in wheelchair with table support, plus four seats, in distinctive upholster, and also bushings for the blind in handrail marking reserved seats and stop push button in braille.

Customers of public transport will have at their disposal 4 USB double sockets in passenger area, and led inner ilumination.

The recharge system of these new electric buses drastically reduce to zero pollution using an electric engine boosted by batteries charged with electric energy, and in turn have a special recharge system that uses energy created when stopping or inertia in traffic jams, allowing more autonomy.


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