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Traffic cameras

Traffic hotspots cameras map along the most relevant places in the city

Traffic cameras


Cameras shown in the map are exclusively traffic control , they are not recording ones.

For security reasons, videos are not displayed,in this web only several captures cyclically generated with an aleatory and enough time delay are shown.

Date and hour of the captured image will appear on the top corner of the photograph.

If you find any failure in one of the cameras, please get in touch with us sending an e-mail to


In a central zone of the page appears a Google map located on Granada. Using javascript and the Google Maps API an automatically spots appears over each approximately camera location.

In only one point may appear up to 4 cameras showing different traffic moves of the intersection. To help camera viewing, we have incorporated a scroll that let you to watch all the cameras in that poing.

To improve the information on the camera map it has been included different icons that shows if in each position exists one camera or more and the direction focused.

icono 2 cámaras Two cameras on the same location
icono 3 cámaras Three cameras on the same location
icono 4 cámaras Four cameras on the same location
icono 1 cámara One camera, up left direction
icono 1 cámara One camera, right direction


Mapa de situación


  • Avda. Pulianas - Tete Montoliú (1)
  • Juan Pablo II - Tete Montoliú (1)
  • Crta. de Málaga - Virgen de Consolación (2)
  • Dr. Olóriz - Avda. de Madrid (2)
  • Avd. Andalucía - Cruz del Sur (3)
  • Pza. San Isidro (3)
  • Dr. Olóriz - Avda. Constitución (1)
  • Crta. de Murcia - Camino San Antonio (1)
  • Severo Ochoa - Avda. Constitución (3)
  • Gran Vía - Profesor Emilio Orozco (2)
  • Severo Ochoa - López Argüeta (2)
  • Camino de Ronda - Méndez Núñez (2)
  • Méndez Núñez - Arabial (3)
  • Enlace A44 - Méndez Núñez (2)
  • Gran Vía - Cárcel Baja (1)
  • Puerta Real (1)
  • Arabial - Camino de Purchil (2)
  • Arabial - Neptuno (3)
  • Paseo de la Bomba - Puente Verde (2)
  • Paseo de los Basilios - Poeta Manuel de Góngora (4)
  • Enlace A44 - Neptuno (1)
  • Poeta Manuel de Góngora - Andrés Segovia (2)
  • Camino de Ronda - Avd. América (4)
  • Avd. Dílar - Palencia (4)
  • Fernando de los Ríos - Beethoven (2)
  • Fernando de los Ríos - Colonia San Sebastián (2)

Cameras array

In the previous grid you can watch cameras ordered from North to South.

Usual Routes

To ease traffic control cameras viewing, we have developed a “usual routes” collection in the city that allow users to see their most relevant cameras all at once.

The implemented routes are:

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