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Course 2016/17

Projects developed by the Road Safety Education Center, Programmes, Workshop, Conferences, Meetings, Activities

Centro de Educación en Seguridad Vial

Course 2016/17

Hereafter we present activities and projects developed by the Educational Center in Road Safety for the current course 2017/18.

SEM 2017 GranadaGranada celebrates European Mobility Week

On Bike to schoolOn Bike to school

Driving and overturning simulatorDriving and overturning

Elderly 2017 GranadaInternational Day of Elderly People

Motorbike Conferences Granada 2017XVI Motorbike Conferences and VII Conferences Coesixtence with Bikes

Conferences Red Cross Elderly 2017Conferences Elderly and Road Safety

Project STARS Granada 2017Merry Christmas on Bike, allied to improve Mobility in Granada: Take care of it

Granada celebrates European Mobility Week

SEM 2017 Granada

Granada celebrates from 16 to 22 September European Mobility Week with an activity programme aimed to raise aware on citizens about benefits in the use of transport other than private vehicle.

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On Bike to school

SEM 2017 Granada

City Major, Francisco Cuenca, has thanked educational centers of Granada their cooperation to achieve a more substainable mobility , that is changing the image of our city and making it more modern, clean and habitable. Cuenca has made these statements on the delivery of the award Reconocimiento de Bronce, award given by the UE, to schools Juan XXIII, San Isidoro and Andrés Segovia for their participation on Project Stars encouraging displacements on bike to school.

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Driving and overturning simulator

Driving and overturning simulator

The National Confederation of Driving Schools have settled in Paseo del Salón an overturning simulator to inform in a practical sense about efficiency of safety belt to save lifes.

So, on this driving and overturning simulator, drivers get in the car, put on safety belt and experience, when the car overturns, the importance of correct use of safety belt preventing from fly out of the car, because they remain on their seats after the overturn, thanks to the use of safety belt.

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International Day of Elderly People

Mayores 2017 Granada

In the morning of 3 Octobe, in Plaza del Carmen, Road Safety Center of Granada, Red Cross and the Official College of Psychology celebrated the International Day of Elderly Peolple.

From the Mobility Area want to ease urban displacements for elderly people and make them safer ease: get them to their leisure places, their social relationships and familiar, or even their participation in educative activities to recycle them and increase their Road Safety before this changing world we are living in.

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XVI Motorbike Conferences and VII Conferences Coexistence with Bikes

Motorbike Conferences Granada 2017

On 24, 25 and 26 October 2017 took place in the Educational Center on Road Safety these conferences of motorbikes and bikes. Organised by the Educational Center on Road Safety of the Mobility Area of the City Council of Granada, teached by Vespacito Association and Mutua Motera.

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Elderly and Road Safety Conferences

Red Cross and Elderly Conferences 2017

Invited by Red Cross, the Municipal Educational Center on Road Safety of the Mobility Area attended the last Meeting of 2017 about Elderly where recycle themselves and work togheter, among other things, on Road Safety.

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Merry Christmas on Bike, allied to improve Mobility in Granada: Take care of it

Project STARS Granada 2017

During this course, have joined Project STARS two new educational centers: CEP Arrayanes and IES Ángel Ganivet.

We continue the commitment made from the City Council of Granada, through the Mobility Area and its Educational Center in Road Safety, to encourage active displacements between schoolchilds through European Project STARS. These 3 associated centers on the last course have been awarded with Bronze Medal due to their high involvement and innovative projects.

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