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Course 2016/17

Projects developed by the Road Safety Education Center, Programmes, Workshop, Conferences, Meetings, Activities

Centro de Educación en Seguridad Vial

Course 2016/17

Here we have the activities and outstandings projects developed by the Center of Education in Road Safety on the current course 2015/16.

María Francés to present the beginning of school year 2015/2016Beginning of the School Year

Bus CEVNew Bus of the Center of Education on Road Safety

Reguladores EscolaresTraffic regulators at school

María Francés in the road safety circuit at the motorbikers conferencesXIV Motorbikers Conferences and V Coexistence with Bicycles.

María Francés in  MapfreRoad Safety Education by MAPFRE

María Francés en IV Jornadas Intergeneracionales en materia de Seguridad VialIV Intergenerational Conferences in Road Safety

María Francés en Día Mundial en Recuerdo de las Víctimas de TráficoWorldwide Commemoration day of Victims in Traffic Accidents

María Francés in IV Municipal Conferences on Bicycle EducationIV Municipal Conferences on Bicycle Education

Beginning of the School Year 2015-16

María Francés starting the new school year 2015/2016

On 21 September, started the educational activities in the Center of Education on Road Safety of the Area of Citizen´s Protection and Mobility.One more year, the main target of the City Council is to form and educate to make displacements and coexistence in urban space of Granada safer, Healthier for the city and grenadians, and also to favour Coexistence and Respect between the different means of transport and ages.

It will be encouraged the use of any public transport, bicycle or motorbike and walking, in preference on urban displacements of any town.

Joined the school Santo Tomás de Villanueva (Agustinos) with the Second Year of E.S.O., age considered priority for the proper introduction in displacements on two - wheeled vehicles, and encouragement of the autonomy when using public transport and displacements on foot in the school route.

Colegio en el circuito de Educación Vial de Granada School at the circuit of Educational Road Safety of Granada

New Bus of the Center of Education in Road Safety

New: An specific urban bus is designed to encourage Educational Road Safety as tool to improve safety and more quality of coexistence in our city.

It is offered to every educational center the possibility of take its students in a public urban transport as educational measure to advertise of the benefits and adventages of the use of this mean of transport in their city.

This course has designed a bus specially intended to Educational Road Safety and marked with the slogan of the campaign.


Traffic regulators at schools

The project was iniciated on October.

List of schools:

  • Arrayanes
  • Santa Marta
  • Ntra Sra. del Rosario

Reguladores escolares

XIV Motorbike Conferences and V Coexistence with Bikes.

María Francés in the circuit of educational road safety in the motorbike conferences

The Center of Education in Road Safety of the Area of Citizen´s Protection and Mobility organise the XIV Motorbike Conferences and V Coexistence with bicycles, presided by María Francés and aimed to young motorbikers of our city.

These conferences, theorical - practical, will be organised on 20, 21 and 22 October 2015 in the facilities of the Municipal Center of Road Safety and will be teached by two prestigious motorbike associations of our city: Asociación Mutua Motera y Vespacito.

Schools attendant are:

  • IES Zaidin-Vergeles
  • IES Ramón y Cajal
  • Agustinos
  • Ave Mª Casa Madre
  • IES Hermenegildo Lanz

The number of groups to be teached in these three days is 13, a sum of 325 young people.

Motorbike Conferences 2015 Granada. María Francés, Mutua Motera, Vespacito Motorbike Conferences 2015 Granada. Circuit. Biciycle -  Motorbike

More info...

MAPFRE Caravan of Road Safety

Caravana Mapfre en Granada

The MAPFRE Caravan of Road Safety will be installed in the terrace of Palacio de Congresos from 17 to 20 November 2015.

The Caravan of Educational Road Safety of FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE is an educational activity focused to children between 8 and 12 years old that affect in all society, because it pretend to set the basis to educate more safer , responsible and respectful citizens. check more info at

Students and schools joining in morning schedule:

Schools: 17, incluiding a center with students with special educational necessities .

Students: 725

Afternoons are open to all granadians.

Caravan MAPFRE Granada 2015 Caravan MAPFRE Granada 2015

Watch more info about this project.

IV Intergenerational Conferences in Road Safety

María Francés at the intergenerational conferences 2015 in road safety in Granada

On 12 November 2015 they were celebrated the IV Intergenerational Conferences of Elderly and Young People in Road Safety.

These Conferences are organised by the City Council of Granada through the Educational Center in Road Safety of the Mobility Area, Spanish Red Cross and the Official School of Psychology.

The opening of these conferences was run by the Council of Citizen´s Protection and Mobility of the City Council of Granada, Maria Francés, the Vice – President of Red Cross ,Sergio Díaz and the Vice – Dean of the Official School of Psychology Manuel Vilchez.

This workshops were teached by the Educational Center in Local Road Safety. Contents dealed about risks that every age involve in road accidents and that they depend on their psycho - physical abilities and stile of life of each age, but above all can be prevent with an adequate information and training in it, aim of these Conferences.

Intergenerational Conferences in Road Safety Granada 2015

  • Elderly: distractions, loss of mobility and reflexes, degeneration of their psycho – physical abilities, medication effects, state of mind...
  • Young people: necessity of assertiveness, insecurity, sensibility to their group influences, types of risky diversions due to alcohol or drugs, addictions to media devices of their generation: mobile phone, gps... that cause distractions when driving.

This workshop, shows how to compensate certain risks in each group focused on PREVENTION of these accidents. There have been used projections aimed to both groups with a following dialog between them to give one each other advice in a very friendly way between elderly and young people..

Intergenerational Conferences in Road Safety Granada 2015Intergenerational Conferences in Road Safety Granada 2015

They have been given instructional material specially designed for both collectives: notebooks about the effect of drugs in driving for young people and notebook with advices for elderly about how to compensate their impairments in Road Safety in their displacements as pedestrians, travellers and drivers.

Intergenerational Conferences in Road Safety Granada 2015

Worldwide Commemoration day of Victims in Traffic Accidents

Día Mundial en Recuerdo de las Víctimas de Tráfico en Granada

On sunday 15 November 2015 took place a ceremony at Fuente de las Batallas in Granada for the Worldwide Commemoration day of Victims in Traffic Accidents.

The Worldwide Commemoration day of Victims in Traffic Accidents was celebrated for the first time in 1993 in United Kingdom. Since then, a large number of countries, under the coordination of NGO´s, commemorate this day.

On 26 october 2005, UN Organization assumed a resolution to call the goverments to assign the third sunday of november of every year to celebrate this commemoration.

The celebration of this day, gives the opportunity to arise conciousness in society about the consequences for persons and broken families that traffic accidents causes, the economic cost that arrange,and the necessity of goverments and society of investing in PREVENTION, because more than the 90% of them are due to human errors: speed, alcohol or drugs and distractions mainly.

Don´t forget that, every year 1,25 million people die in traffic accidents, that makes traffic accidents the eighth worldwide cause of death, but the first in young people, as the last report of the World Health Organization reveals.

The City Council of Granada, through María Francés as Council of Citizen´s Protection and Mobility, and a large group of technicians, one more year, have attended this emotional commemoration, organised by STOP Accidents and the Provincial Traffic Headquarters and the motorbike association Vespacito, that read a manifesto to support this battle to improve this pandemic social that traffic accidents means.

Relatives of the victims attend this ceremony, who light a candle for each victim and write their name in a balloon, as a symbolic way to pay tribute and keep ALIVE their memory, demanding the social fight so this accidents to become less.

Balloons Granada Worldwide Commemoration day of Victims in Traffic Accidents 2015

This ceremony ends with a guitar play, made specially by a non mortal victim for this act and also a trumpet player with the score "El Silencio", releasing balloons and a flower delivery between relatives and friends .

Guitar Granada Worldwide Commemoration day of Victims in Traffic Accidents 2015

This new in the media

IV Municipal Conferences on Bicycle Education

IV Municipal Conferences on Bicycle Education en Granada

On friday 4 March 2016 were officialy inaugurated the IV Municipal Conferences on Bicycle Education, organised by the Educational Center on Road Safety and teached by Granada al Pedal and municipal technicians.

This event was headed by the Delegate of Mobility and Citizen´s Protection María Francés, the President of Granada al Pedal and the Manager of the company Transportes Rober, sponsoring the Bikes.

Municipal targets of the use of bikes

  1. 1. Promote this mean of transport as a healthier and more substainable one for citizens and the city.
  2. 2. Educate safer and caring users of bikes

Ways to achieve these targets

  1. 1. Create the Urban Plan of Road Safety (2.012), where began a diagnosis of the problems of the city and different proposals to solve them, such as bikes are.
  2. 2. Measures on Road Infrastructures :

    Independently of the bicyle lanes existing in some areas of the city, and because of the structure of the city of Granada as an historical city, it has been made a great work to peace the streets (speed 30km, 20km, 10km and pedestrians), to ease COEXISTENCE between different means of transport, encouraging those more EFFICIENT for the city: bus bikes and pedestrians.

  3. 3. Measures for the Cyclist Training:
    • Theorical - practical courses for young schoolchilds of all ages.
    • Cyclist Conferences: this year celebrates the IV Conferences with an evident increase of the number of participants.
    • Creation and dissemination of informative leaflets of the Municipal Ordinance for pedestrians and bicycles. (2010).
    • Creation of educational material about bicycles.

    As Novelties in this Edition, are:

    • A reflective armbands, that will be given to all attendants to rise awareness of the importance that To be seen has when riding a bike.
    • Creation of an Interactive Pendrive, as a Computer support to Train the Trainers. It will be given to each teacher, preferably to Sports Education ones, subject where is easier to work with these contents. This flash pen has information about the benefits of bicycles, places to ride a bike and how to ride it safely. At the end, includes a large range of questions to arrange workshops or activities. Includes a DVD with different urban routes in Granada made by professionals of the CEV.
    • Acquisition of a bicycle fleet exclusively destinated for these Conferences.
  4. 4. Creation of Campaigns, to rise awareness on the rest of drivers, about bicycles and the necessity to respect their space and riders, who are more vulnerable.

Metodology of Conferences

  1. 1. Theorical session in the classroom, to give information about bicycles and their different places in the city of Granada, and the correct and safe way to circulate in it as well. There is much emphasis on the importance not only of knowledges but values and possitive behaviour on the ciclyst.
  2. 2. Practice in a Circuit of basic skills, to ensure the correct use of bicylces and circulation in an area with signing and regulations.
  3. 3. Outdoor practice, in a route around: roads with no reserved place for bicyles, metropolitan bicyle lanes, sport bicyle lane, and urban bicycle lane, with the cooperation of Local Police in some hot points of special difficult, such as roundabouts under A44 motorway.
  4. 4. Back to classroom, to observe difficulties and solution of raised doubts. Finally will be projected a DVD of circulation through the center of Granada.

Population whose is aimed this activity:

Schoolchilds of all Educational Centers of Granada that apply for it, from 6th degree of Primary Education and hereinafter (preferably from E.S.O.). Also to its teachers and relatives in some ocassions.

Attendants of last two Editions

Total Educational Centers1725
Total Groups3353
Total Attendants8501386

IV Ciclyst Conferences in Granada IV Ciclyst Conferences in Granada

IV Ciclyst Conferences in Granada IV Jornadas Ciclistas de Granada

IV Ciclyst Conferences in Granada IV Ciclyst Conferences in Granada

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